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IMPACT AWARDS TECHNICALLY SPEAKING TODD CAMPAU PRODUCT MANAGER, IHS AUTOMOTIVE YEARS IN THE INDUSTRY: 11 PHONE: 248.728.7451 EMAIL: WORDS TO LIVE BY: Don't let making a living prevent you from making a life. - John Wooden AFTER graduating from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in computer science, Todd Campau started his first "real job" as database analyst at Clevite Engine Parts after learning about the opportunity from another Clevite employee, who happened to be his neighbor. "I had always been interested in cars, so when the opportunity presented itself to work in the industry, it seemed like a very good fit," said Campau. Now responsible for managing IHS Automotive offerings in the automotive aftermarket, including the new WorldView System which combines global VIO (Vehicles in Operation), VIO forecasts and trends, OE research and aftermarket catalog analysis. His responsibilities include setting the strategic direction of the software as well as managing the execution of enhancements, and supporting their aftermarket sales team in meeting and exceeding customers' expectations. "Being recognized as an Impact Award Winner is a very nice recognition, but realistically, at 35 years old, I'm already 10-15 years older than the young people coming into our industry," said Campau. "The insight they bring by just being themselves is fascinating, and I believe that those companies and leaders who take an interest in understanding these young people will reap dividends in the future. "I think that young people provide extremely valuable insight into what future consumers' wants are, as well as how their thought processes and decision making processes work. While currently their buying power may be minimal, in a few short years they will be in command of a large number of consumer dollars." Campau was a long-time member of the Auto Care Association Technology Committee, and served as the chairman of the ACES Subcommittee for several years. "The greatest reward I've realized through being a part of the association is the network of colleagues and friends I've been blessed to be able to develop," said Campau. "When I was early in my career, they were integral to my growth as a professional; I had many veterans of the industry that I was able to bounce ideas off of, which has allowed me to hone my skills and add new ones over the years." For future goals, Campau hopes to, "continue to help our industry embrace technology more fully." Campau's goal is to help drive more acceptance of web services, the cloud, big data and whatever the next big technology 'thing' will be, as long as it helps the aftermarket sell more stuff. "I look forward to supporting the growth of global capabilities in cataloging and product management by leveraging and rationalizing multiple global standards, as well," Campau said. AUTO CARE INSIDER | VOL. 88 15

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