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MARKET INTELLIGENCE INTELLIGENCE INDICES AND INDICATORS OVERVIEW OF THE LATEST INDUSTRY INDICATORS REPORT By Dr. Timothy G. Nash THE U.S. economy showed improving results in the third quarter of 2014 as GDP growth increased 3.9 percent in the third quarter, up from a revised decline of -2.1 percent in the first quarter and 4 percent growth in the second quarter of 2014. Strong automobile sales continued in October as new car sales and industrial production remain positive for the month. Interest rates, housing starts and inventories all improved in October, complementing the unemployment that was down again in October, continuing its downward slope. The monthly Auto Care Association Industry Indicators Report (IIR) gathers and reports key auto care industry data, dividing it into the following three categories: automotive retail, automotive parts manufacturing and heavy duty aftermarket. The purpose of this monthly overview is to provide a quick synopsis of the U.S. and global economy while focusing on some of the data in the Industry Indicators Report and applying it for thoughtful discussion and decision-making. One of the most important indicators for the economy in general and the robustness of the automotive aftermarket are actual miles driven which increased from August to September 2014. Gasoline and oil prices moved downward in October with gasoline and oil prices expected to stay steady or decline in the months ahead, given that increasing oil supplies should mitigate increases in seasonal demand. OCTOBER | Industry Indicators Assessment Summaries July AUTO RETAIL REPORT August Sept. Oct. Favorable condition for auto care industry = ˜ 6 10 9 7 Indeterminate trend-should monitor = ž 11 8 9 4 Unfavorable condition for auto care industry = ™ 6 5 5 3 Data not available = na 0 0 0 9 Favorable condition for auto care industry = ˜ 16 12 14 9 AUTO PARTS MANUFACTURING REPORT Indeterminate trend-should monitor = ž 6 8 6 5 Unfavorable condition for auto care industry = ™ 1 3 3 1 Data not available = na 0 0 0 8 Favorable condition for auto care industry = ˜ 13 13 12 9 Indeterminate trend-should monitor = ž 5 6 6 6 Unfavorable condition for auto care industry = ™ 4 3 4 3 Data not available = na 0 0 0 4 HEAVY DUTY AFTERMARKET REPORT 18 AUTO CARE INSIDER | VOL. 91 Dr. Timothy G. Nash is a vice president and the Fry Chair in Free Market Economics at Northwood University. The Industry Indicators Report is prepared monthly under Dr. Nash's supervision with assistance from Northwood University economics major Matt Fusco, and funded by Auto Care Association's Northwood Scholarship program. For more information about Northwood University and their undergraduate Aftermarket program or Automotive MBA Program visit or email Matt Bennett at The Industry Indicators Report is an Auto Care Association member-only benefit. Research is posted in the Knowledge Center on the Auto Care Association website at and is accessible through Auto Care Association username and password. For assistance, contact the Auto Care Association membership department at 301-654-6664.

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