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AUTO CARE INSIDER toolbox POSE When you're in front of the camera, angles are your friend because they create shadows, that if used correctly can make you look even slimmer. Don't sit face on to the camera. Turn one shoulder closer to the camera so your body is at an angle. Here's my favorite trick to avoid a double chin. Jut your head forward (a bit like a tortoise) and tip your chin down. This feels ridiculous, but works because it makes the jawline tighter. Excerpted from: http://leadersinheels. com/style/what-to-wear-for-businessheadshots/ PROFESSIONAL HEADSHOTS ƒ Do dress conservatively for the picture and wear clothes that would be appropriate for your work place. Do not wear sexy, form fitting, or revealing clothing for your business portrait. ƒ Do dress in solid colors. Don't wear patterns as they can be distracting and become dated quickly. Red and yellow can cast an unflattering light on your face so don't wear them near the face. If you are light skinned do not wear white near your face as it will make you look pale. ƒ Do use a professional photographer with an established reputation. Avoid having a family member or friend take your photos, no matter how "well meaning" they might be. ƒ Do make sure your photographer does at least basic re-touching. It's important to project a polished image by removing things like stray hairs and blemishes. Don't go overboard with the re-touching and end up making your photo look like a plastic Barbie doll. ƒ Do have the photo taken in a place you'll feel comfortable. You do not have to take a studio portrait. You can have your picture taken in your work environment, home, or outdoors, if you prefer. Just make sure it's taken by an experienced location photographer so it won't end up looking like a snapshot. Regardless of where the picture is taken, don't use elaborate sets or props - keep it simple. ƒ Do smile! It's very important to smile in your professional portrait. A smiling image has been proven time and time again to make people feel more at ease. It's also a widely held belief that a person who smiles is more trustworthy. Do not try to look stern in your photo - people will not take you more seriously if you look mean. Excerpted from: work-in-progress/2010/09/16/professionalwomen-need-a-professional-portrait/

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Auto Care Insider Volume 92

President's Message
Association News-YANG Connect
Market Intelligence: e-tailing infographic
Inside Technology-social influencer program
Member Profile-Kathleen George
International Focus-looking at Latin America
Toolbox-professional headshots
Government Affairs-advocacy leadership team
Impact Awards-Brandi Gardner
Head of the Class-Olympus Imported Auto Parts Corp.
Market Intelligence-checking in with China
An Industry Treasure-Be Car Care Aware

Auto Care Insider Volume 92