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VIEWPOINT GREETINGS FROM THE LEAGUE BOARD CHAIR Every year, at the National Bike Summit & Women's Forum, members and supporters of the League of American Bicyclists gather together to share experiences about their work and accomplishments. The Summit is an occasion to celebrate the collective effort of the many thousands of colleagues across the country who have worked tirelessly in communities, businesses and universities to create a Bicycle Friendly America. The Summit is always joyous as old and new friends meet in friendship and camaraderie. We hear presentations that offer new ideas, highlight local and regional accomplishments and offer thanks to the sponsors who contribute to making the Summit a rewarding event. This year was no exception! The 2016 Summit was especially enjoyable for me. As the chair of the League Board of Directors, I had the great pleasure of introducing Alex Doty the new Executive Director and an established leader in the national active transportation movement. I also had the privilege, along with members of the League Board, to personally thank staff for their commitment and dedication. Throughout the year, I received many messages and calls from members and supporters who offered their advice while expressing their affection and commitment to the League. At the Summit I met many of those who communicated with me and greeted members of bike clubs, staff from advocacy organization, employees of our National Parks, League Cycling Instructors (LCIs), police officers, representatives of the bike industry and elected officials and their staff, to name a few. The Summit was exhilarating thanks to each participant and the diversity they represented! But we all know grass-roots advocacy for pedestrians and bicycles is not easy and the rewards are few and usually far between. We have to fight for every inch of road, and then in many communities, we must hold onto those with fierce tenacity. The Summit allows us in the hundreds to celebrate our individual and collective achievements and then depart, energized for another year of hard and important work. We know creating a Bicycle Friendly America is not easy. But we also know we are growing in numbers and with the League of American Bicyclists at the forefront, together we will be successful! Karen Jenkins, League Board Chair 2 BICYCLE FRIENDLY AMERICA

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Social Media
Core Values, Unique Contributions
A Silver-Level Playbook: Arlington, Virginia
How Cycling Can Help Solve Global Warming
What The Bicycling Movements Could Learn From the Climate Movement
Photos from Bike Lobby Day
Senator Ben Cardin, Legislator of the Year
Getting to Know Kathy Durham
Plenary Sessions
Memphis Hightailers: Bicycle Club of the Year
Bike Lobby Day: A Nevada Perspective
Call for League Board Applications
Reflections on the National Bike Summit
Photo Highlights of Bike Lobby Day in DC
Architect of the Capitol–Bicycle Friendly Business
Summit Demographic Information
2016 Catalyst Award Recipient: Community Cycling Center

Bicycle Friendly America Spring/Summer 2016