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2016 NATIONAL BIKE SUMMIT & WOMEN'S FORUM SENATOR BEN CARDIN, LEGISLATOR OF THE YEAR CARON WHITAKER, POLICY DIRECTOR, LEAGUE OF AMERICAN BICYCLISTS P resenting Senator Ben Cardin (DMD) the Legislator of the Year award at the 2016 National Bike Summit & Women's Forum was one of those classic moments of the Summit. Just as I got on stage to introduce him, the fire alarm went off and the building was cleared. Not to be deterred, Cardin was game to accept the award and deliver his remarks in the courtyard of the Renaissance Hotel. So he yelled his remarks-without a microphone, podium or stage-to a crowd of bike advocates 20 BICYCLE FRIENDLY AMERICA using selfie sticks to get a picture of him over the crowd. "A fire alarm was not going to stop me from addressing the people on the front lines of developing impactful transportation alternatives in communities across the country," Cardin said. Senator Cardin was an obvious choice. Bicycle advocates around the country know his name from the Cardin-Cochran Amendment, which protected funding for biking and walking by creating a competitive program for local governments. That's the biggest thing he's done for us, and I want to take a moment to talk about the smaller things he does for us on a regular basis that make the big things possible. To tell that story I want to zero in on a Congressional hearing in 2014. In the delayed run up to the transportation bill, the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works held a number of hearings highlighting stakeholders talking about a need for a long term transportation bill. They did these hearings to build a record on the need for

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Social Media
Core Values, Unique Contributions
A Silver-Level Playbook: Arlington, Virginia
How Cycling Can Help Solve Global Warming
What The Bicycling Movements Could Learn From the Climate Movement
Photos from Bike Lobby Day
Senator Ben Cardin, Legislator of the Year
Getting to Know Kathy Durham
Plenary Sessions
Memphis Hightailers: Bicycle Club of the Year
Bike Lobby Day: A Nevada Perspective
Call for League Board Applications
Reflections on the National Bike Summit
Photo Highlights of Bike Lobby Day in DC
Architect of the Capitol–Bicycle Friendly Business
Summit Demographic Information
2016 Catalyst Award Recipient: Community Cycling Center

Bicycle Friendly America Spring/Summer 2016