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2016 NATIONAL BIKE SUMMIT & WOMEN'S FORUM ARCHITECT OF THE CAPITOL, A BICYCLE FRIENDLY BUSINESS BY RANDY LOBASSO W hen Architect of the Capitol Stephen T. Ayers spoke at the 2014 National Bike Summit, the office he'd led since 2010 was undergoing something of a revolution. The Architect of the Capitol office was becoming known for its bicycle-friendliness-having just received an honorable mention status from the League-and a number of employees had begun taking up the bike as their primary form of transportation. Those employees, including Jamie Herr, Sustainability Program Specialist with the Sustainability, Energy and Water Conservation Division in Planning and Project Management; Martin Shore, Architect with the Design Services Division; and Eric Goodman, Supervisory Mechanical Engineer with the Design Services Division had put together an office bike group, commuting together by bicycle through D.C. each morning. "Part of the AOC strategic vision is to provide extraordinary service to all of our customers, both internal and external," says Herr. "Many of our employees, clients and visitors already bike to campus, or are interested in biking more, so we want to make the U.S. Capitol campus a safe and welcoming place for biking commuters and the visiting public." The group had formed around the time of the 2014 Summit with a number of goals, including being a designated "Bicycle Friendly Business" by the League. Just a year later, it happened. The Architect of the Capitol is a federal agency responsible for the maintenance and basic operations of the United States Capitol Complex. The complex includes more than 553 acres of land, the United States Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court; it includes 17.4 million square feet of buildings, which also includes the area between Union Station, D.C.'s major train station, and the Capitol Complex. In recent years, though, the Architect of the Capitol has taken on additional roles, including forming a Bicycle Advisory Committee, consisting of a group of passionate employees who are focused on provid- 34 BICYCLE FRIENDLY AMERICA

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Social Media
Core Values, Unique Contributions
A Silver-Level Playbook: Arlington, Virginia
How Cycling Can Help Solve Global Warming
What The Bicycling Movements Could Learn From the Climate Movement
Photos from Bike Lobby Day
Senator Ben Cardin, Legislator of the Year
Getting to Know Kathy Durham
Plenary Sessions
Memphis Hightailers: Bicycle Club of the Year
Bike Lobby Day: A Nevada Perspective
Call for League Board Applications
Reflections on the National Bike Summit
Photo Highlights of Bike Lobby Day in DC
Architect of the Capitol–Bicycle Friendly Business
Summit Demographic Information
2016 Catalyst Award Recipient: Community Cycling Center

Bicycle Friendly America Spring/Summer 2016