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Start Something Initiatives by Kids, for Kids WHEN YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A WAY TO PUT YOUR TALENTS AND INTERESTS TO WORK IN THE SERVICE OF OTHERS, YOU CAN START BY JOINING AN ORGANIZATION THAT DOES MEANINGFUL WORK. OR YOU CAN DO WHAT THESE FIVE STUDENTS DID: START A PROJECT YOURSELF. THESE STUDENTS EACH BEGAN WITH A DESIRE TO SERVE OTHER YOUNG PEOPLE-AND BECAME LEADERS IN THE PROCESS. Lawrence Free State High School, Kansas B Quail Run Elementary Book Club Jialun Wang, 16 Mission To foster a deep interest in learning among elementary school students by exposing them to a rigorous middle school curriculum, and to inspire students to pursue other learning opportunities outside the classroom. My motivation I attended a book club when I was in elementary school, and I enjoyed everything from reading Time for Kids magazines to watching the movie Where the Red Fern Grows. When I went to middle school, I heard that the book club was discontinued. So last year, I contacted my fifth grade teacher, Ms. Meyers, to ask if she would sponsor the book club for Quail Run once again. She agreed-if I would serve as the teacher. The club meets for an hour once a week after school. Instead of focusing on current events and politics as the club had when I participated, I decided to emphasize creativity and liberal arts. I focus on introducing the students to thought-provoking literature, which I choose in collaboration with one of my former English teachers. The students read a new short story every week, and when we meet, they lead the discussions. The stories run the gamut of genres 12 imagine and authors, from Langston Hughes' Harlem Renaissance tale "Thank You, Ma'am" to Gary Soto's "Seventh Grade." Challenges & rewards During the first couple of lessons, it was tricky to find a rhythm for the book club. The 15 students learned at different paces and in different styles, and it took me a while to realize that assigning pages and worksheets wasn't the most effective way to teach. Eventually, I revised my curriculum to include more engaging discussions and interactive lessons. I am very grateful that the students stayed patient during the challenging first weeks. Every Friday, when I walk through the doors of Quail Run and am greeted by both familiar and new faces, I see the importance of my work. The growing number of participants tells me that I'm providing a worthwhile activity for kids who value learning. I've been running the club for two years, and I plan to continue through my high school years. When I graduate from high school, I hope a former book club student will fill my spot. Some words of advice The right service organization is one that aligns with your interests. Many students volunteer just to stack hours on their résumé, but they're missing out on the real rewards that come with doing something personally meaningful. If you don't find an organization doing work you'd like to support, take initiative and organize efforts that fulfill the mission, even if it means you have to be the one in charge. Mar/Apr 2016

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Big Picture
In My Own Words Senator Barbara Mikulski
Run, Ride, Sell! Funding causes that matter
Start Something! Initiatives by kids, for kids
Changing Lives, One School at a Time Making a difference for students in need
Empowered to Make a Difference The Civic Leadership Institute at CTY and CTD
Sharing the Gifts of Music The Forget-Me-Not Family Ensemble
Service, Leadership, Entrepreneurship . . . Launch! Learning the art of the startup at MIT Launch
Sharing the Rewards Building a shadowing program for my peers
Discovering the Leader Within Exploring leadership and social justice at Brown
Gap Year A time to refresh, serve, and grow
Research at the Edge of the World An Antarctic photo essay
Selected Opportunities and Resources
Off the Shelf Review of Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See
Word Wise
Exploring Career Options Interview with entrepreneur Henry Albrecht, CEO, Limeade
One Step Ahead My college startup
Planning Ahead for College Skills and knowledge for college success
Students Review: Lehigh University
Mark Your Calendar
Knossos Games

Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - March/April 2016