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Run, Ride, Sell Funding Causes that Matter by Ray Fishman FOR THE PAST THREE YEARS, ON A CHILLY SUNDAY IN MARCH, I'VE RUN THE NEW YORK CITY HALF MARATHON. WHAT STARTED AS AN INTRIGUING PHYSICAL CHALLENGE, AND AN INCENTIVE TO KEEP IN SHAPE DURING THE LONG MONTHS BETWEEN FALL AND SPRING SPORTS SEASONS, TURNED INTO A WAY TO HELP A CAUSE I'M PASSIONATE ABOUT. R unning 13.1 miles-or even a mile for that matter-had never even crossed my mind when I entered high school. Initially I joined the football team. Although I loved football, I didn't like the practices where we donned uncomfortable protective gear and spent hours tackling each other. Worst of all, I played an uninspiring defensive line position because I was brawnier at the time than most of my peers. I turned to cross country running instead so at least I would get a healthy aerobic workout every day. The course for freshmen was 1.5 miles long, a daunting distance at first, but soon I was running even longer distances. At the end of the fall season, I heard that 14-year-olds were allowed to run the NYC Half Marathon. I started to have bigger dreams. In January, when I finally got up the nerve to register for the March race, I discovered the event was already filled to capacity. Hopeful entrants had been chosen by lottery in December. The only way to enter the race this late was to become a member of a "charity partner" team and agree to raise $1,000 for the participating nonprofit organization. Team members were expected to raise money by soliciting contributions from their friends and family; if they failed to reach their goal, their credit card would be charged the difference. Having to raise $1,000 was scarier than running 13.1 miles, but I convinced my dubious mom to give me her credit card number and 8 imagine promised to somehow pay her back if I didn't reach my goal. I chose a charity called the Children of Peru Foundation, which still had a spot on its team. Rising to the Challenge My crusade for contributions began, coinciding with my efforts to train for the half marathon. Several websites, such as, make it easy to post information about a campaign to raise funds for a cause. These websites take credit card information from contributors, send them receipts, channel funds to the organization, allow contributors to post messages of encouragement, and keep track of progress toward one's goal. After setting up my Crowdrise page, I decided to email each potential contributor individually and to personalize each message instead of using a mass email. I carefully selected recipients whom I thought would be interested in either my cause of helping impoverished children or the fact that I had an ambitious goal of running a half marathon. I knew several runners who would appreciate the difficulty of running a half marathon, so I added them to my list of potential supporters. I also added relatives, adult friends, and friends of my parents if I thought they would be interested and sympathetic. I had received $50 as a birthday gift, so I contributed Mar/Apr 2016

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Big Picture
In My Own Words Senator Barbara Mikulski
Run, Ride, Sell! Funding causes that matter
Start Something! Initiatives by kids, for kids
Changing Lives, One School at a Time Making a difference for students in need
Empowered to Make a Difference The Civic Leadership Institute at CTY and CTD
Sharing the Gifts of Music The Forget-Me-Not Family Ensemble
Service, Leadership, Entrepreneurship . . . Launch! Learning the art of the startup at MIT Launch
Sharing the Rewards Building a shadowing program for my peers
Discovering the Leader Within Exploring leadership and social justice at Brown
Gap Year A time to refresh, serve, and grow
Research at the Edge of the World An Antarctic photo essay
Selected Opportunities and Resources
Off the Shelf Review of Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See
Word Wise
Exploring Career Options Interview with entrepreneur Henry Albrecht, CEO, Limeade
One Step Ahead My college startup
Planning Ahead for College Skills and knowledge for college success
Students Review: Lehigh University
Mark Your Calendar
Knossos Games

Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - March/April 2016