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students review The Students Review series is intended to aid prospective college students in their search by offering insiders' views of selected colleges and universities, as expressed by current undergraduates or recent graduates who have high academic ability. Note that the number of reviewers is small. Consider their personal perspectives as only one factor as you gather information and impressions from many sources. Our reviewers include 38 individuals, who major(ed) in American studies (1), anthropology (1), biochemistry (1), business (1), classics (1), drama (3), dramatic writing (2), economics (3), education (2), English and American literature (9), environmental studies (1), French (1), finance (2), history (1), individualized study (1), journalism (2), linguistics (1), marketing (3), math (4), media, culture & communications (1), Medieval & Renaissance studies (1), music technology (1), politics (2), pre-law (1), psychology (3), religious studies (1), and sociology (1). (The number of majors exceeds 38 because several reviewers had double majors.) Reviewers' comments appear within quotation marks. Quality of Academic Instruction for Undergraduates Reviewers praised the faculty and quality of teaching at NYU's undergraduate schools, which include colleges of arts & sciences, business, education, fine arts, and individualized study. Reviewers also noted that if NYU doesn't have a resource, New York City does. "The professors are NYU's strongest asset; they are both renowned and accessible. The university has many talented young professors as well as established names. NYU's schools of business, fine arts, and law are all highly regarded; and many departments in the College of Arts & Sciences are excellent. In the English department, class sizes are surprisingly small after the freshman level, grading is rigorous but fair, and course selection is a 42 imagine New York University treat (from restoration drama to queer lit, it's all available-and good). People think of NYU as a massive, impersonal school, but I developed close relationships with several professors. My favorite professor would hold class at a local cafe and we would discuss the readings over a cup of coffee and a snack." "The quality of instruction at NYU is very, very good. Often graduate-level professors conduct undergraduate courses. As a politics major, only my basic requirement courses were taught in extremely large lectures. By the end of my sophomore year, I was in classes with fewer than 20 students. I was also able to take a seminar at the NYU Law School and other graduate-level courses." "The scope and quality of the opportunities available at and through NYU are unparalleled. I was a journalism major, and I interned at some of the biggest magazines in the world while I was in school. And NYU is realistic: all journalism majors are required to double major in something else so that you have an area of expertise to draw upon in your writing. The combination of academic range and work experience allowed me to find a job in the very tough magazine industry after graduation, and rise quickly in my career." "NYU is an excellent school for students interested in a range of experiences, but particularly for those who want to pursue an education in the visual arts. The quality of technology and instruction at NYU is incredible in the areas of film and technology, and living in New York gives students access to amazing internship opportunities." "NYU's Courant Institute is one of the top-ranked applied mathematics departments in the country. The best undergraduates get to do research on models of various phenomena, from neurons to epidemics to financial markets." Social Life "The social life at NYU is legendary. Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, NYU offers the New York experience like no other school. The student body is also among the most diverse you'll find, from business types to theater majors, from one of the country's largest foreign student populations to one of the country's largest gay student populations. Most students start out in university housing, which is located throughout the city (some students take a bus to class). By senior year, many people have moved into their own apartments, in part because lots of NYU students plan to stay in New York after they graduate. As for nightlife, well, this is New York: if you can't find it here, you can't find it anywhere." "NYU is not a school for people looking for the typical college experience. There is no sprawling green where students play Frisbee, no football team, no campus-wide keg parties, and a very small Greek presence. While there is a campus, housing is scattered. There is not an overwhelming sense of an NYU community, especially since the university is so large. What NYU does have is New York City, which has pretty much anything you could possibly be interested in. Social clubs abound, but students tend to focus their time and energy on the social and cultural offerings of the city rather than 'on campus.' " May/June 2016

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - May/June 2016

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Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - May/June 2016