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Report of the Cyprus and Hellenic Affairs Committee
94th Annual AHEPA Supreme Convention
Las Vegas, Nevada | July 27, 2016
The following report was presented to
the General Session of the 94th Annual
Supreme Convention on July 27, 2016:
The Order of AHEPA will continue
to work to strengthen the AHEPA Grass
Roots Network, which uniquely distinguishes the AHEPA from all other Greek
American organizations, and which if
adequately developed, can serve as its
most effective tool for the promotion of
Greek American interests and ideals. At
least, AHEPA must secure one grassroots
representative from each chapter.
AHEPA will continue its efforts to
grow the Hellenic Caucus in the House
of Representatives, which now stands
at 137. Our goal for the 114th Congress
continues to be 150 members, which ends
December 2016. AHEPA will set the same
goal of 150 for the 115th Congress.
AHEPA is concerned about the
growth of the Congressional Turkish
Caucus, which is numbered at 154 and
now exceeds the Hellenic Caucus.
AHEPA will explore the notion with
members of Congress of establishing
a Congressional Caucus solely for the
country of Cyprus.
AHEPA will continue to support
H.Res.154, the Armenian Genocide Truth
and Justice Resolution.
AHEPA applauds all efforts to lift
the U.S arms embargo on Cyprus and
pledges to contribute the effort to assist
with the passage of an amendment in the
U.S. Congress that speaks to the issue.
AHEPA will outreach to the two presidential campaigns to help the community secure the campaigns' positions on
issues of importance to the American
Hellenic community.
AHEPA will seek to strengthen
relations with other appropriate Greek
American organizations in order to more
effectively fulfill its mission, as it relates
to Greece, Cyprus, the Ecumenical
Patriarchate and to issues involving the
FYROM, the Greek minority in Albania,
and the Aegean Sea.
AHEPA will continue to work to

strengthen relations with American
Jewish organizations and collaborate on
issues of mutual interest in the spirit of
the second successful historic Leadership
Mission that took place in January 2016.
The Committee endorses the notion
of continued Leadership Missions and
engagement with American Jewish organizations.
AHEPA will continue to speak out
against extremism on both sides of
the political spectrum and condemns
all forms of intolerance, hate speech,
bigotry, and discrimination fostered by
extremist elements.
In addition, the Committee:
* Appreciates United States' high-level
engagement on Greece's economic and
migratory crises and the Cyprus issue
and U.S.-Cyprus bilateral relations and
strongly encourages it going forward.
AHEPA must ensure this also continues
with the next administration.
* Is cautiously optimistic about settlement talks on Cyprus and the effort
by the leadership to promote reconciliation between the communities,
which should pave the way for just
and viable agreement that will lead
to a reunified Cyprus with a single
sovereignty, single international personality and single citizenship within
the European Union; and with its
independence and territorial integrity safeguarded as described in the
relevant U.N. Security Council resolutions. Furthermore, the Committee
maintains that the key to a successful
settlement rests in a now unstable
Ankara and urges the United States
to put pressure on Turkey that the
latter must remove its 40,000 troops
from the island thus facilitating progress of the ongoing settlement talks.
* Is deeply concerned about the direction of Turkey, post-coup, and that the
country is becoming more of a liability
than an asset to the United States.
Furthermore, the Committee recommended AHEPA examine the following:





That Supreme Lodge and District
Lodge officers upon their visitations include in their remarks or
addresses at meetings and other
events, the need for individuals to
join AHEPA's Congressional Grass
Roots Network.
AHEPA will provide annual financial
funding in the amount of $20,000
for the Cyprus and Hellenic Affairs
Committee, in order to strengthen
its communications capabilities, to
permit holding educational symposiums, and to permit printing of educational materials.
AHEPA National will grant consideration to encouraging chapters to submit a voluntary $100 contribution to
the AHEPA Cyprus & Hellenic Affairs
AHEPA to communicate the work
of the Committee or initiatives the
Committee undertakes through its
avenues of mass distribution.

This report was compiled with the
assistance of Andrew Kaffes.

Respectfully submitted,
Standing Committee Members Present
Philip Yamalis-Region 2
Alex Christy-Region 8
Convention Committee & Guests
John Galanis, Supreme President
Dr. Spiro J. Macris, Past Supreme
Tom Gober, Supreme Governor & Past
Supreme Treasurer
Vassos Chrysanthou, Board of Trustees
Nick Kavadas, Past Supreme Governor
Elias Tsekerides, Past Supreme Governor
George Kalyvas, Past Supreme Governor
George Scarveles, Past Supreme Governor
George Rados, Past District 7 Governor
George Rovolis, District 14 Governor
Nick Larigakis, American Hellenic
Institute President
John Soudas

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