The Ahepan Summer 2020 - 12

The training program includes the creation of a training video and webinar to
educate HCWs on standard and transmission-based precautions. Also, the deployment of CLEO personnel to COVID-19 centers to train HCWs in person, starting with
the six COVID-19 centers in Attica and
COVID-19 dedicated hospitals in Greece.
*	 To conduct research into the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of
HCWs around COVID-19 and infection control measures in healthcare
settings in Greece.
The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in modern history and may represent a turning point in many HCW's
understanding of IPC and public health.
We believe it is vitally important to use
this moment to examine how the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of HCWs in
Greece have been affected by this pandemic, particularly with respect to their
understanding of disease transmission
and their resistance to or acceptance of
control measures in the healthcare settings where they work.
Infection control experts and research
statisticians at CLEO will design, disseminate, collect, and analyze results targeting
HCWs at the COVID-19 primary care centers and COVID-19-dedicated hospitals.
This study will help to describe how HCWs
managed COVID-19 during the pandemic,
which can help both to inform everyday
healthcare practices in Greece as well as
to highlight areas for improvement.
This study may also highlight possible strengths of the healthcare system in
Greece, and help researchers to understand why Greece has, as of the time of
this article, fared better in the pandemic
than other southern European countries
such as Spain and Italy. The results of this
study will be strategically disseminated
to key national partners in order to facilitate a robust response to future epidemic
waves of COVID-19 as well as to other
infectious disease outbreaks.



THE AHEPAN · Summer 2020	

Thank You!
Chapter 3 Birmingham, Ala. - 100 meals donated to Children's Hospital of Alabama
Chapter 25 Manhattan, N.Y. - Meals donated and funds raised for ventilators
Chapter 26 Philadelphia - Brother Dr. Theoklis Zaoutis is actively advising Greece's Ministry
of Health on COVID-19
Chapter 40 Detroit/District 10, Michigan - $15,000 donated to Detroit-area churches
Chapter 64 Harrisburg, Pa. - Brother Dr. Chronis providing medical analysis for COVID19 and the chapter donated $1,750 to four central PA food banks to feed families in need
Chapter 69 Cherry Hill, N.J. - 200 meals donated to Virtua Hospital and other area hospitals
Chapter 72 Trenton, N.J. - 250-plus meals an 80 face masks delivered to three major hospitals in Central New Jersey
Chapter 78 Merrillville, Ind. - Donated $17,000 to charities that assist and provide relief to
victims of COViD-19, including Meals on Wheels
Chapter 145 Denver - Supplied thousands of KN95 masks to the city and county of Denver.
Donated and served meals to hundreds of first responders and homeless.
Chapter 157 Calumet, Ind. - Meals, masks, gloves and hand sanitizer donated to the community's front line heroes
Chapter 158 Poughkeepsie, N.Y. - Provided lunch to first responders upon city's reopening
Chapter 186 Astoria, N.Y. - Served 150 meals and delivered another 35 meals to the community at-large
Chapter 219 Phoenix - Donated N95 face masks to essential workers
Chapter 319 Port Jefferson, N.Y. - Donated face masks to emergency responders
Chapter 408 Wilmington, N.C. - The board of AHEPA 408 Senior Apartments donated
"Care Bags" with essential items to the residents
Chapter 445 & Sons of Pericles 290 Upper Darby, Pa. - Delivered food to the ER department at Jeanes Campus - Temple University Hospital
Chapter 489 New Port Richey, Fla. - Donated meals to elderly residents at AHEPA 489
Chapter 500 Greenlawn, N.Y. - Held a food drive to benefit the area shelters
Chapter 515 Radnor, Pa. - Donated and delivered hundreds of meals for the health care and
emergency response professionals and administrative staff at Inova Alexandria Hospital
Chapter 545 Middletown, N.Y. - Raised $2,000 to provide financial aid to families recovering from illness, donated 500 "Gyros for Heroes," and is undertaking a goods collection
Chapter CJ-1 Toronto - Implemented the Greek Easter Relief Food program, providing
low-income families with a voucher to ensure everyone had access to an Easter meal
Chapter 601 Constantinople (Istanbul), Turkey - Donated food to Orthodox churches for
Chapter HJ-1 Athens, Greece - Ahepans provide support to Evangelismos Hospital
Chapter HJ-3 Thessaloniki, Greece - AHEPA Hospital is treating COVID-19 patients
Chapter HJ-26 Peter Baltis Chapter Larissa, Greece - Coordinated blood donor drive with
several Ahepans donating
Chapter HJ-34 Corfu, Greece - Coordinated blood donor drive, donated face masks and
health supplies to Corfu General Hospital and vulnerable populations
Chapter HJ-38 Palio Faliro, Greece - Donated and delivered meals and necessities to a local
food bank for the municipality's elderly and vulnerable
Chapter HJ-41 Kalamaria, Greece - Delivered care packages of food and water to the
Chapter CY-1 Nicosia, Cyprus - Contributed to District 27's countrywide blood drive with
hundreds of units of blood collected
Nikolaus Dumba Chapter & DOP Princess Sissi Chapter Vienna, Austria - Delivered meals
to the needy

The Ahepan Summer 2020

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