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Amid Demanding Times, AHEPA Continues to Serve
Barack Obama visited. His public statements regarding Greece's
Happy New Year! I hope you and your family enjoyed a festive
contributions to NATO and U.S. security interests, debt relief, and
and joyful Christmas and holiday Season. As we look toward the
the humane manner with which the Greek people have handled the
new year, we find ourselves amid a very demanding time. As this
refugee crisis were welcomed and instilled hope. However, the
issue of The Ahepan attests, our Order continues to meet its misPresident missed an opportunity to address-at least publicly-the
sion of serving the community. In fact, the AHEPA family continunhelpful, provocative statements toward Greece
ues to make a difference in countless people's lives.
regarding the open questioning of the Treaty of LausI am fortunate to have witnessed it on my travels,
anne by Turkey. These inflammatory statements have
and I am pleased that our magazine is able to share
only continued, unfortunately. I had the good fortune
some of these ways with you-our valued members.
to represent AHEPA at the State Dinner hosted for
The AHEPA family has always made public
President Obama by President of Greece Prokopis
health research-the search for cures to complex
Pavlopoulos. I also attended a business-oriented
life-threatening diseases-a vital part of our charinetworking event with the goal of introducing young
table giving. As an Ahepan, but also from a point
Greek entrepreneurs to members of the broader busiof personal pride, I shared the joy and elation with
ness community hosted by the U.S. Embassy in Athmy fellow Brothers and Sisters from District 5 when
ens and The Hellenic Initiative. We all heard about the
the Fifth District Cancer Research Foundation sur"Brain Drain" affecting Greece because of the economic
passed the landmark $1 million mark in grant-givcrisis. It is uplifting to see such efforts to spur entrepreing to life-saving cancer research in November.
Andrew C. Zachariades
neurship and initiatives that encourage young profesI was fortunate to chair the Foundation for eight
sionals abroad to return to Greece (see page 15). Looking forward,
years, and I look forward to the day when a cure for cancer is
our task will be to ensure this high-level engagement with Greece by
found thanks in part to the AHEPA family's charitable work.
the United States continues with the Trump Administration.
The AHEPA National Housing Corporation is poised to grow
Recently, Supreme Secretary Carl Hollister and I had the opits mission as it enters a new foray with the groundbreaking
portunity, with the help of the brothers of European Eagle Chapof two Affordable Assisted Living Facilities in Indiana. In this
ter 610, to meet with officials in Brussels, Belgium, including:
new sector, which is different than the affordable housing for
EU commissioners, members of the European Parliament, Greek
seniors provided by the HUD Section 202 Program and no less
and Cypriot ambassadors, a senior advisor to the EU Commisimportant, AHEPA will help seniors beat the high cost of assistsion President and EU Commission spokesman; bishops, as well
ed living while getting the personal care they need to help them
as a Four-star general and chair of the EU Military Committee,
with their activities for daily living (ADLs).
and a three-star Lieutenant General at NATO. It was a historic
Our campaign to help rebuild Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox
endeavor for AHEPA, and I thank everyone for their hard work
Church and National Shrine at World Trade Center also continues
for a successful trip. (More in the next issue of The Ahepan.)
to forge ahead thanks in part to a second $30,000 donation from
Important developments regarding the Cyprus problem are on
Gus Cherevas-Estia Pindus Chapter 326, Flushing, New York.
the horizon. Settlement talks will intensify and culminate with a
With $60,000 donated in total, the chapter has set the benchConference on Cyprus with the guarantor powers at the approprimark for giving to this worthy cause. Moreover, because of my ofate time and only when the proper criteria are met. As always,
fice's location in Lower Manhattan, I am fortunate to see the fruits
AHEPA will remain vigilant, and regardless of outcome, AHEPA
of everyone's hard work daily as Saint Nicholas rises and takes
will stand by the people of Cyprus and the ideals they embody.
shape and form. I urge my Brothers to continue to fundraise. ToFinally, as calendar has flipped to 2017, it is never too early
gether, we will soon meet our $1 million goal-just as we did for
to plan a visit to Walt Disney World Resort, especially this sumcancer research-and we can say we did our part to rebuild what
mer, when the resort will host the AHEPA family for its 2017
will be a national treasure for posterity to revere.
Supreme Convention, July 24 to 30. Start making plans today
Looking at matters of foreign policy, in November we witnessed
so we can chart the future of Hellenism as one family!
a strong demonstration of support for Greece when President



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