The AHEPAN - Fall 2015 - 6



SOP Aims to Exceed Chapter MOA to Help Rebuild St.
Nicholas, Young Women of
Activation Record
It is an honor to address the AHEPA family as supreme presGreece
ident of the Sons of Pericles. My congratulations also to Supreme President John Galanis, Grand President Connie Pilallis,
Grand President Deanna Socaris, and their respective lodges,
on their elections. We look forward to continued collaboration
between all the orders of the AHEPA family towards growth and
After a productive Supreme Convention, the newly elected
Supreme Lodge, which hails from across the country, consists
of: Supreme Vice President Nikolas Apostolou, Oakland, N.J.;
Supreme Secretary Bill Poulos, Canton, Ohio; Supreme Treasurer Steven Gagas, Middlebury,
Conn.; Supreme Governor Robert
Markatos, Palos Hills, Ill.; Supreme
Governor Dean Bilitsis, Phoenix,
Ariz.; and Supreme Athletic Director Panagiotis Tsevdos, Brooklyn,
N.Y. After a successful 2014-15 year
that saw the reactivation of 10 new
chapters, the Sons of Pericles has
an exciting year ahead. We aim to
Andreas Christou
exceed last year's record and reactivate even more chapters as we approach our 90th anniversary
in February 2016. I am confident with this experienced group
of leaders we will reach new heights. After all, the future of the
AHEPA family is ensured when we work together to expand the
Junior Orders.
Additionally, the Sons of Pericles is committed to raising
money for the Rebuilding of St. Nicholas National Shrine,
which is once again our joint national project with the Maids of
Athena. In fact, we are honored to stand alongside the AHEPA
family to raise fund for this project. We will also raise funds for
our President's Project, the Cyprus Children's Fund, a program
that has personal meaning for me as a Cypriot.
Please contact me or any of my lodge members should you
ever need anything. On behalf of the Sons of Pericles Supreme
Lodge, I extend our best wishes for a successful year.



THE AHEPAN ยท Fall 2015

It is an honor and privilege to have been elected for a second
term by my sisters as Grand President of the Maids of Athena, representing an organization that has been instrumental in
my personal growth and development as an individual. At the
Supreme Convention, the Maids of
Athena hosted one of the most successful delegate meetings in recent
years, electing a unified and resilient Grand Lodge to represent the
beliefs and ideals of our Sisterhood.
This year's Grand Lodge represents
chapters from the United States
and Canada: Grand Vice President
Tria Charnas, North Royalton, Ohio;
Deanna Socaris
Grand Secretary Effie Sapuridis,
Montreal, Quebec; Grand Treasurer Tatiana Tsaprailis, Calgary,
Alberta; Grand Governor Sophia Shakolas, Anaheim, Calif.; and
National Maids of Athena Advisor Kathy Zotos, Hammond, Ind.
The theme chosen to represent our Order is "Influence." We
believe it accurately depicts the mission, goals and values of the
Maids of Athena, as a Junior Order using positive "influence" to
inspire young women to dream big, aim high and reach for the
stars. Our members are encouraged to "influence" one another
to achieve and embody the ideals of our order: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. In addition to these ideals, members embrace
the following goals and principles: Sisterhood, Service, Citizenship, Hellenism, Family, and Arete or Virtue.
At the Supreme Convention, the Maids delegation along
with the Sons of Pericles selected St. Nicholas National Shrine
at World Trade Center again for this year's National Project. This
is the second year that all four Orders of the AHEPA family are
working together to raise funds for a common cause.
This year, for my President's Project, I will be asking each of our
chapters to make a monetary donation to a deserving charity in
Greece that caters to young women in need. As our beloved Greece
continues to face hardships, it is my hope we can assist young girls
who come from less than ideal living situations. Through our donations and offering of educational supplies, we can provide them
with the chance to become productive members of society.
On behalf of the Maids of Athena Grand Lodge, we look forward to meeting and working with everyone. We are confident
it will be a successful year thanks to the continued dedication
and support of our Order.

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