The AHEPAN - Spring 2015 - 19


2015 Kicks Off With a
Flurry of Activity

National Project Fundraisers
Prove Successful

SOP Supreme President Jimmy Googas

To date, the Sons of Pericles and Maids of Athena have successfully raised funds for their National Project, Saint Nicholas National
Shrine at World Trade Center. The High Rollers Raffle raised $7,000.
Congratulations to the raffle winner, Daughters of Penelope Meandros
Chapter of Montreal. Thank you to all AHEPA family members who
helped to make it a success.
The second national fundraiser will be a 50/50 raffle. Half of the
proceeds will be donated to the National Project. Each ticket will be
sold for $10, or be sold in a bundle of five for $40. Each Sons and Maids
chapter has been given tickets to sell. In addition, each chapter has been
challenged to host a community event specifically geared toward raising
money for St. Nicholas. SOP HUB Chapter 27, Boston, and the SOP and
MOA chapters of Albany, N.Y., have already held successful events.

Although the weather has been keeping everyone
down here in the Northeast, the Sons of Pericles
continue to push forward and make strides toward
its goal of expanding the Junior Order.
We kicked off the year the right way at the
Boston New Year's Eve party where more than
300 people attended to support HUB Chapter
27's efforts to donate
$10,000 to the National
Project. Led by Dean
Papagiorgakis, the Boston
brothers should be commended for their exemplary effort.
A trip to the West Coast
for our annual Greeks in
Jimmy Googas
LA basketball tournament
in mid-January followed. The event saw one of
its best turnouts yet. Athletic Director Panagiotis
Tsevdos overcame a few challenges to secure the
highest attendance in recent memory and host a
fantastic weekend. We were graciously welcomed
by the St. Sophia Cathedral's community and their
amazing facilities for the tournament and Saturday
Greek night. We cannot thank them enough for
their hospitality.
In 2015, the Supreme Lodge is prioritizing the
need to visit chapters and establish new ones. We
urge the AHEPA family to continue to outreach to
us, helping us to identify more young, passionate
men looking to make a difference in the community. Three initiations are planned in the near
future, but that is just a start. Between District
Conventions, visitations, and other communications, we hope to start as and grow as many chapters as we can.
Finally, in working with all four Orders, the
Sons have begun planning this year's Supreme
Convention events. San Francisco is a great city
with a lot to offer. We look forward to hosting
events that incorporate the best of the city. The
Sons of Pericles looks forward to seeing you there.

New Chapter Formed in District
13, Reactivated in District 1
Under the leadership of Supreme Vice President and Membership
Chairman Andreas Christou, and the Supreme Lodge, the Sons of
Pericles is experiencing growth.
The District 13 Sons of Pericles initiated 13 new members into a
newly formed chapter that will be based at Loyola University, Chicago.
The new SOP Filiki
Eteria Chapter 332 is
sponsored by AHEPA
Chapter 205. The initiation occurred at
the United AHEPA
Home, Palos Hills,
Ill., Jan., 30, 2015.
Noti Doukas was
elected as the first
president of Chapter 332. Supreme Treasurer Bill Poulos and Supreme
Governor Robert Markatos assisted with the ceremony. Ahepans present
were: Supreme Governor Nick Kavadas, SOP District 13 Advisor Robert
Markatos, and Chapter 205 President Themistocles Frangos.
In addition, Supreme Governor Steven Gagas traveled to Atlanta,
Ga., to reactivate Adelphi Chapter 86, Dec. 13, 2015. Four Ahepans from
Mother Lodge Chapter 1 assisted (see page 31).
In Houston, the reactivation of Sam Houston Chapter 89 looks promising. Other cities aimed for potential growth include: Brooklyn, N.Y.;
Milwaukee, Wisc.; Philadelphia, Pa.; and Lowell, Mass.
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