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A MESSAGE FROM ANTHONY KOUZOUNIS, AHEPA SUPREME PRESIDENT Supreme President Outlines Framework for Upcoming Year It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your AHEPA Supreme President for the 2013-14 administrative year. My sincere gratitude is extended to the entire Brotherhood for the faith and confidence it has placed in my abilities to serve the Order at the highest level. I look forward to working with everyone as together we strive to meet and fulfill our worthy mission. Anthony Kouzounis As we embark on AHEPA's 91st year, our Order and the community face significant challenges. Starting with the former, I believe we must focus our efforts in a few key areas. First, we must place renewed emphasis on the fact that we are a Brotherhood. The fraternal bonds that make the Order of AHEPA a unique organization also serve to unify us. No doubt exists in my mind that if we stand united that not only will AHEPA prosper, but indeed, the entire community will benefit through our shared commitment to Hellenic ideals and community service. Second, my aim is to focus on our youth. The Sons of Pericles must have our unwavering support and attention. I am convinced that future generations of Greek Americans-the third and fourth generations-want to identify with their great-grandparents, their culture, and their ethnic background. We must work to mentor them and bring them together and there is not a better Hellenic heritage organization within which this important task can be achieved than the AHEPA family. We've seen the fruits of this labor pay off as many our immediate past supreme presidents and national leaders, myself included, first learned the pertinent organizational, interpersonal, and time management skills-skills that also benefited them with their professional aspirations as well-as members of the Sons of Pericles. We must continue to make this investment in our future-together as "Team AHEPA." Looking outward, toward AHEPA's work in the community, both in the United States and abroad, AHEPA must remain diligent and steadfast in its efforts to help those individuals in need. Throughout my travels as a Supreme Lodge officer over the years, I have marveled at the tremendous amount of charitable work AHEPA chapters provide to their respective communities. I have already seen this continue in my early visitations as Supreme President. Furthermore, I pledge to continue the work of my predecessors who have taken great measures to attend to the humanitarian needs of the people of Greece with food and medical supplies. And I'm proud AHEPA recently hosted a benefit for the people of Cyprus, especially for its children, in New York City. Funds raised from that event will go toward our goal of raising $50,000. I encourage all AHEPA chapters to contribute to this worthy cause. Finally, AHEPA will continue to be the sturdy bridge that strengthens United States relations with Greece and Cyprus and stands for religious freedom. In September, AHEPA held fruitful meetings with the ambassadors of the United States to Greece, of Greece to the United States, and of Cyprus to the United States. As it always has been, AHEPA stands ready to assist these leading diplomats in their often formidable tasks as a vehicle through which constructive communication can be facilitated to achieve the best interests of all stakeholders. Thank you, again, for the honor to serve as Supreme President. I look forward to seeing and meeting the Brethren on my travels throughout the year. 4 | THE AHEPAN ยท Fall 2013

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