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A MESSAGE FROM ANTHONY KOUZOUNIS, AHEPA SUPREME PRESIDENT Let's Make 2014 a Landmark Year Happy New Year! I hope everyone is coming off of a joyous and memorable holiday season. This edition of The Ahepan illustrates how busy the Order has been in our continued service to the community. Our Housing and Athletics programs are active and our districts and chapters remain important pillars of the community. Congratulations to the brethren of Chapter 63, Akron. After 10 years, they demonstrated the perseverance and "can-do" attitude that only Ahepans can display with the dedication of their Anthony Kouzounis senior housing project in Tallmadge, Ohio. It's also good to see the brethren basking in the fellowship that can only be found on the golf links as several golf tournaments have been held successfully, and I'm confident the 2014 Monthe Kofos Invitational will also be fantastic. With respect to districts and chapters stepping-up to the plate, I'm certain you will take pride when reading about the tens of thousands of dollars raised by districts and chapters in support for medical research, feeding those in need around the globe, and other worthy charitable endeavors. However, we've placed an emphasis on education in this issue. We are all well aware that the "E" in AHEPA stands for "Educational." The importance of obtaining a quality education was a value instilled in us by our immigrant forebears. We must be proud of the Educational Foundation's work to help advance and fulfill the academic dreams of younger Hellenes. It is an invaluable financial resource to our youth, and it must continue to grow. We should be equally proud of AHEPA's work to offer life-changing educational programs such as the AHEPAcademy. One participant's experience is recounted in this issue. She wrote, "Through AHEPAcademy, I learned more about business, life, and friendship in one week than I had in my entire life." I don't know if there is a better testament to the impact AHEPA can have on our youth than that one. Therefore, please encourage your chapters and districts to consider sponsoring a student or two to embark on the AHEPAcademy or the Journey to Greece program (which was featured in the Fall 2013 issue of The Ahepan), especially during these challenging economic times. It will be the best investment you will make. Now with 2014 upon us, we must not rest on our laurels. The cover of this magazine represents the community's future. We are obligated to ensure that future is nourished and well-positioned to contribute to society. We must also stay focused on the fulfillment of our entire mission and bring new individuals into our Order who can lend their talent, resources, and passion to further project, promote, and advance our mission. Let's not keep our good works a secret. Let's share them and offer others the opportunity to contribute. Let's make 2014 a landmark year for AHEPA. 4 | THE AHEPAN ยท Winter 2013

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President's Message
AHEPA Family News
AHEPA Commends 2013 National Scholarship Recipients
A Worthwhile Week
My Volunteer Vacation in Crete
Civic Responsibility
The Periclean
AHEPA Family Chapter News
Literary Corner
In Memoriam

The AHEPAN - Winter 2013