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A Student Reflects on Her Journey to Greece Experience JOURNEY PARTICIPANT ALEX M. T his past summer I had the opportunity to visit Greece in an unbelievable trip for college credit through the AHEPA-Stavros Niarchos Journey to Greece Program at Webster University. Thanks to a generous grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, 12 students spent four weeks in Greece and earned six college credits in July. Upon our arrival to Greece, we were met by Mr. Tom Mazerakis from the school, who came to the airport to pick us up from customs. After the 30-minute ride to downtown Athens, we were taken to our spacious dorm rooms where we prepared for our first night in Greece. We also attended our orientation session where our classes were discussed, and we were given the schedule of events and tour of the campus. On our first full day in Greece we went to Cape Sounio, and we saw the temple of Poseidon. It was the first day out together with the group and no one knew each other, but the staff did a great job and made everyone feel comfortable and all of us quickly got to know one another. Our Journey had begun! We swam together in the water at the beach after we saw the temple of Poseidon and all of us were amazed at clearest water we have ever seen. This was the first time in Greece for many of us, and we were awestruck. We visited the Acropolis on Day Two. This was an awesome site seen on a picture-perfect day. The history and the relevance of the Acropolis was slowly something all of us grasped and deeply appreciated. The university arranged for us to go to the Acropolis Museum where I learned how they care for the marbles and sculptures. It was quite impressive how they made the sculptures look brand new. We all appreciated the history found at the museum and we were struck by the beauty and magnificence of the site. We were all proud to have Greek in our blood. It was an emotional day. Our tour of the Hellenic Parliament building was fantastic. We learned about its history and why it is so important. I learned that the president of Greece must agree to what the parliament states or resign because it represents the majority rule, and, of course, Greece is a democratic country. A highlight of our visit to Parliament was that an actual debate was in session! We watched and listened to the members of Parliament discussing the types of prisons that should be created for different forms of crimes. But our visit got even better. The members of Parliament received us by applauding our presence in the building. The speaker of Parliament was there, and it was incredible. It was such an honor. We also visited the ministry of Foreign Affairs. We received an informative briefing on a variety of important Greek foreign Winter 2014 ยท THE AHEPAN | 13

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