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PERICLEAN Getting Off on the Right Foot Sons of Pericles Supreme President Jimmy Googas As we embarked upon our administrative year, the Sons of Pericles Supreme Lodge's expectations that it would receive cooperation from the AHEPA family were modest, at best. I am proud to report that our expectations have not only been met, but they have been surpassed. The amount of help we have received from across the country has been exceptional. We have started chapters at Indiana University, Columbus, Ohio; Tampa, Stockton, Calif.; Stamford, Conn.; Atlanta, and London, Ontario. Credit is due to the outstanding officers of the Supreme Lodge. They were tasked to go out by any means necessary to establish and activate these chapters. They have responded accordingly and their work ethic has been admirable. This is a great start to the new administrative year, but we are still not satisfied with the growth. We actively are pursuing many leads and creating contacts in our districts to plant a seed that will grow into a chapter. In my last message, I urged Ahepans and Daughters members to reach out and provide us with contacts or to point us in a direction that would yield opportunities for new chapters. The response has been overwhelming to the point of where keeping track of the voluminous amount of emails that are flooding our inboxes has become a challenge. However, this has been an incredible and welcomed change from the lack of communication that had previously plagued us. I am confident the increased flow of communication will lead to more chapters. For our National Project, the building of Saint Nicholas National Shrine, the Sons and the Maids have started to sell the "High Rollers" raffle tickets that will be drawn on New Year's Eve. We also have encouraged chapters to begin planning an event where the proceeds will go toward the construction of the Shrine. I was able to attend the Ground Blessing Ceremony with Supreme Vice President Andreas Christou. It was a powerful experience. I am proud to announce our Albany chapter has already raised $900 from one event for the project, and I am positive there is more to come. Thus far, the year has been extremely successful on all fronts. Our hope is to continue share more good news going forward. Thank you for all of your help in our endeavors. The newly-chartered SOP Crimson Chapter 331, at Indiana University, Bloomington. Jimmy Googas SOP Adds First Active District 21 Chapter in Years Under the leadership of Supreme Vice President and Membership Chairman Andreas Christou, and the Supreme Lodge, our organization's growth is on the ascent. Immediately following the supreme convention, Supreme Treasurer Bill Poulos reactivated the Phelotimo Chapter 175, Columbus, Ohio, and prior to the Governors' Conference in September, Supreme Governor Robert Markatos initiated the newly chartered Crimson Chapter 331 at Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind. This marks the second university-based chapter in the Sons of Pericles domain. Various district fall conferences held nationwide have sparked additional chapter reactivations and further possibilities. On November 1, Supreme Governor Steven Gagas reactivated the Yankee Chapter 32, Stamford, Conn. During the weekend of November 21-23, Supreme Vice President Christou traveled to Tampa, Fla., to reactivate Menelaos Chapter 154, which was organized under the efforts of AHEPA Lycourgos Chapter 12. During the same weekend, Supreme Treasurer Poulos traveled to Stockton, Calif., to reactivate Phoebus Chapter 207, adding an active chapter to District 21 for the first time in many years. There are also planned initiations in London, Ontario, and Atlanta in the near future. The Sons of Pericles looks to continue to expand with potential chapters in Brooklyn, N.Y.; Milwaukee; Annapolis, Md.; and Lynn, Mass. If accomplished, it would leave only Districts 9, 22, and 26 without active Sons chapters. The Supreme Lodge looks forward to working with local AHEPA family chapters and district lodges to help us continue to grow and expand. Winter 2014 ยท THE AHEPAN | 19

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