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HELLENIC CULTURAL COMMISSION Supreme Convention Hellenism Seminar Features AHI Founder Joseph C. Keane The "Apostolic Pilgrimage" documentary of Patriarch Bartholomew's and Pope Francis's joint visit to the Holy Sepulcher was the initial presentation. Their visit to the Holy Land commemorated the initial historic visit 50 years earlier by Patriarch Athenagoras and Pope Paul VI. Both visits harken back to the Apostles Andrew and Peter, who were truly brothers and the bedrock pillars of the early church. There was real respect, affection, and true love that the current hierarchs demonstrated for each other. When you hear their Easter messages (both in English), it becomes apparent that re-unification is not only a possibility but a distinct probability. Their Easter meeting was a great second step and their journey continues with a planned papal visit to the Phanar, the seat of the Patriarch in Constantinople. This long anticipated healing of ancient wounds, that has long been relegated to a "not in my lifetime status," may truly be accomplished in their lifetimes. May the Good Lord grant them long and healthy lives! The documentary was commissioned by the generous donations of the members of the Hellenic Cultural Commission (HCC) and the very strong encouragement and support from the Archdiocese, specifically Fr. Alex Karloutsos. It conveys a message that truly needs to be shared with our respective communities and the HCC recommends that each chapter host such an occasion. Hellenism themes not only illustrate the value of our heritage, but calls for the admiration and support of the conveyor of such valuable information. The members of the HCC may have a slight bias, but we strongly believe that conveying Hellenic values encapsulates the future success and growth for the AHEPA family. It is believed that Greeks do not like the bearers of bad news, but they revere the purveyors of good tidings. Copies of this 52-minute DVD are available from AHEPA c/o Joseph Keane,, for a $25 donation, which includes shipping. Make checks payable to: Hellenic Cultural Foundation. A portion of your donation is tax-deductible. The second half of this highly relevant and topical seminar featured Gene Rossides, the founder of the American Hellenic Institute (AHI) and former assistant secretary of the Treasury under President Nixon. His recently published book, "Kissinger and Cyprus - A Study in Lawlessness," is intended to refocus attention on the unlawful invasion and subsequent partition of Cyprus exactly 40 years ago. He was there - the message is clear. According to Rossides, Kissinger manipulated and encouraged the Turkish invasion and by his personal intervention and inaction eliminated any incentive for Turkey to seek a reasonable solution. In a discussion with the audience, issues like Cyprus and religious freedom in Turkey are issues we should encourage members individually to inform their elected representatives to support. available Copies of Rossides' book are also Joseph from AHEPA c/o Keane,, for $30, which includes shipping costs. Make checks payable to: Hellenic Cultural Foundation. A portion is tax-deductible. L-R: Cos Marandos; Joseph C. Keane, chairman; Gene Rossides, AHI founder; and Nick Nikas. (HCC members not pictured are: George G. Horiates and E. John Rumpakis.) Winter 2014 ยท THE AHEPAN | 21

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