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A MESSAGE FROM PHILLIP T. FRANGOS, AHEPA SUPREME PRESIDENT AHEPA Commits to Help Build St. Nicholas National Shrine On September 11, 2001, terrorists mounted deadly attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C. The New York assault resulted in the deaths of 2,977 innocent civilians, 39 of whom were Americans of Hellenic extraction. The Twin Towers, symbols of America's commercial and economic might, were destroyed. The collapse of the South Tower caused the destruction of a tiny church, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. For almost 100 years this religious oasis was the site of joyous sacraments as well as a place for solace and comfort for those in need. The infamous day of September 11 was a national tragedy that forever changed America. It resulted in our nation's involvement in foreign wars and in major changes in our daily lives. Phillip T. Frangos However, America is strong and resilient. Ground Zero has become a symbol of national resurrection. The dead cannot be brought back to life but they are being memorialized for eternity with our prayers and remembrance. The Freedom Tower has risen from the ashes of the destroyed World Trade Center. What remains is the rebuilding of St. Nicholas, not only as a Greek Orthodox Church, but as a National Shrine, a symbol of our precious freedom of religion, and a place of solace, peace and of hope. St. Nicholas will provide a special, interfaith and nonsectarian space dedicated for peaceful reflection and meditation to be used by people of all faiths and beliefs. The inclusion of a bereavement space reflects the American democratic and religious ideal that one can practice their own beliefs without hindering the beliefs of another. The rebuilding of St. Nicholas as a national shrine is a national undertaking. It is for this reason the Order of AHEPA has committed to raising at least $500,000 over the next two years. This enterprise is consistent with AHEPA's commitment to our national values and ideals. It is consistent with AHEPA's raising more than $253 million in war bond sales during World War II. It is consistent with AHEPA raising more than $612,000 toward the restoration of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, garnering it special recognition of the U.S. Department of Interior. AHEPA has mobilized its resources to successfully complete this undertaking. The AHEPA-St. Nicholas Fundraising Committee chaired by Past Supreme President Nicholas A. Karacostas has been created. A three-pronged approach to collecting funds is being utilized. First, each chapter and district will be given financial goals. Second, AHEPA will reach out into the American Hellenic community to approach corporate and individual donors. Third, an internet campaign to the American community at-large is being instituted. A small booklet outlining goals and reviewing procedures to make a chapter's event a success is available from AHEPA headquarters. Complete materials and information can be procured online at The campaign was inaugurated on December 7, a nationwide day of action, with chapters hosting breakfasts or light luncheons. The success of this noble fundraising drive depends on our commitment as Ahepans to our country, our faith, and to the values and ideals of Hellenism. Let us not forget that success can only be attained with leadership. Let us remember the words of a wise man who said, "Leadership is more than a position. It is the employment of that position for action." AHEPA has a unique position of leadership. Let us exercise that leadership. 4 | THE AHEPAN ยท Winter 2014

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