2023 Super Doctors - New York - S-11

Uliss, Alan E., Forest Hills, 718-575-8434
Alan E. Uliss, MD
Forest Hills Retina Center
Forest Hills, NY // 718-575-8434
Wald, Kenneth J., New York, 212-263-2573
Weitzner, Ari L., New York, 212-844-2020
Wen, Angie, New York, 212-966-3901
Weseley, Peter E., New York, 212-263-2573
Whitmore, Wayne G., New York, 212-249-3030
Wisnicki, H. Jay, New York, 212-844-2020 ◊
Yagoda, Arnold D., New York, 212-744-2513
Yu, Joshua C., Staten Island, 929-429-2928
Zaslow, Carrie B., Bayside, 718-428-1100
Rising Stars Honorees
Agemy, Steven, New York, 212-677-2000
Ahmad, Sumayya, Astoria, 718-808-7777
Alevi, David, Bronx, 718-292-2020
Anwar, Farihah, Bethpage, 516-470-2020 ◊
Barash, Alexander, New York, 646-484-9250
Brissette, Ashley, New York, 646-962-2020
Chadha, Nisha, New York, 212-241-0939
Chandra, Gaurav M., Harrison, 914-949-9200
Cheela, Isha, New York, 212-702-7300
Chen, Liwu " Grace, " Elmhurst, 718-606-9971
Cotliar, Jeremy, New York, 646-453-6320
Dedania, Vaidehi S., New York, 212-263-2573 ◊
Djougarian, Alina, Great Neck, 516-470-2020
Djougarian, Anna, Queens, 844-692-4692
Dua, Prachi, Great Neck, 516-470-2020
Elmann, Solly, Brooklyn, 718-338-9800
Escuder, Anna G., New York, 212-981-9800 ◊
Ferreira, Gabriel M., New York, 212-897-1923
Forchheimer, Ilana L., Riverhead, 631-369-0777
Glass, Lora, New York, 212-305-9535
Gorski, Matthew G., Great Neck, 516-470-2020
Johnson, Brandon B., New York, 917-284-6999
Kaden, Talia R., New York, 212-702-7400
Khandji, Joyce, New York, 212-981-9800 ◊
Kligman, Brad, Manhasset, 516-627-0033
Lee, Jessica G., Great Neck, 516-466-0390
Lee, Jung Min, Bethpage, 516-470-2020
Li, Albert S., Great Neck, 516-466-0390
McKeague, Marta, Valley Stream, 833-509-6254
Mehta, Amy A., Rockville Centre, 516-763-4106
Mehta, Nitish, Huntington, 631-425-2155
Mitchell, Jamie R., New York, 212-702-7674
Nattis, Alanna, Babylon, 631-957-3355
Naysan, Jonathan, New York, 212-683-7330
Parikh, Deep, Mineola, 516-882-3080
Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a specialty
which includes treating many diseases,
injuries and defects of the mouth, teeth
and jaws. Surgeons may also be called on
to consult with cases of obstructive sleep
apnea, facial pain and infection, biopsies and
removal of lesions. These specialists have the
expertise to treat many functional and esthetic
Arnoldt, Adam, Mt. Kisco, 914-242-1142
Behrman, David A., New York, 212-746-5175
Buchbinder, Daniel, New York, 212-844-8775
Calat, Paul R., New York, 212-696-2677
Chawla, Suchie, New York, 212-396-8103 ◊
Dym, Harry, Brooklyn, 718-250-8258
Eisig, Sidney B., New York, 212-305-4552 ◊
Han, Y. Paul, New York, 212-393-4639
Hirsch, David L., New York, 212-629-3223 ◊
Karlis, Vasiliki, New York, 212-263-7552 ◊
Klausner, Lloyd K., New York, 212-888-8889
Lam, Lydia, Staten Island, 718-226-1251
Levine, Marci H., New York, 212-443-1300
Rosenfeld, Elisheva, Garden City,
516-990-3637 ◊
Salm, Clifford E., New York, 212-861-7979
Schiffman, Leonard, Woodmere, 516-569-1111
Stein, Mark, New York, 646-681-7068
Turner, Michael D., New York, 212-844-6881
BLUE BOLDFACE indicates a profile on the specified page. ◊ indicates doctor's practice has a pediatric specialty or subspecialty.
Pilavas, John, Astoria, 718-204-5100
Poon, David Y., Great Neck, 516-466-0390
Rafailov, Leon, Rockville Centre, 516-763-4106
Ward, John Desmond, New York,
Reddy, Swathi, Brooklyn, 718-257-4549
Rohring, Victoria V., New York, 212-702-7620
Rosenberg, Eric D., Plainview, 516-935-9200
Rusu Jutagir, Irene M., Brooklyn, 718-680-1500
Schwartzstein, Hal R., Great Neck,
516-470-2020 ◊
Segal, Kira Lauren, New York, 646-962-2020
Shah, Priya J., Bronxville, 914-337-8844
Shah, Sabah, Rockville Centre, 516-763-4106
Shah, Shetal A., Bay Shore, 631-665-1330
Shaik, Neha, New York, 212-241-0939
Sun, Lucy S., Garden City, 516-832-8000
Talsania, Sonali, New York, 212-305-9535 ◊
Vinod, Kateki, New York, 646-943-7906
Rising Stars Honorees
Alex, Garrick, Purchase, 914-253-9088
Atiencia, Michele Carunchio, New York,
Choi, James, Mineola, 516-294-9696 ◊
Farag, Maryam, New York, 212-746-5175
Levarek, Rachel, White Plains, 914-761-4567
Martin, Hunter J., New York, 212-629-3223
Schiffman, Michael H., New York,
Specialist is trained in the preservation,
investigation, and restoration of the form
and function of the extremities, spine, and
associated structures. Surgeons manage
special problems, diagnose the injury or
disorder, and establish treatment which may
include surgery. Doctors may specialize in
certain areas, such as foot and ankle, hand,
hip or knee. They may also focus on specific
fields like trauma or sports medicine.
Adler, Edward M., New York, 877-636-7846 S-2
Alaia, Michael J., New York, 646-501-7223
Albert, Todd J., New York, 212-606-1004
Allen, Answorth A., New York, 212-606-1447
Angel, Michael J., Great Neck, 516-627-8717
Ast, Michael, New York, 201-599-8056
Athanasian, Edward A., New York, 212-606-1962
Auerbach, Joshua D., Bronx, 718-518-5814 ◊
Barron, O. Alton, New York, 212-658-1122
Beldner, Steven, New York, 212-434-4263 ◊
Bendo, John A., New York, 212-427-5553
Bitan, Fabien, New York, 212-717-7463
Fabien Bitan, MD
Manhattan Orthopedic Spine, PLLC
New York, NY // 212-717-7463
New York Hall of Fame Legacy Member
Bostrom, Mathias, New York, 212-606-1674
Brandon, Mark L., Staten Island, 718-818-1164
Bronson, Michael J., New York,
212-636-8210 S-2, S-20
Michael J. Bronson, MD
Mount Sinai West Hospital
New York, NY // 212-636-8210
New York Hall of Fame Legacy Member
Buechel, Jr., Frederick, New York, 212-308-3089
Cagle, Jr., Paul J., New York, 212-523-7584 S-2
Capeci, Craig M., New York, 212-348-3636
Casden, Andrew M., White Plains,
914-849-7897 ◊
Chaudhary, Saad, New York, 212-241-3909 S-2
Chen, Darwin D., New York, 212-241-1924 S-2
Choueka, Jack, Brooklyn, 718-283-7400 ◊
Cleeman, Edmond, New York, 212-289-0700
Cohen, Adam B., New York, 212-688-3710
Colvin, Alexis, New York, 212-241-1815 S-2
Cooper, H. John, New York, 212-305-4565
Cuomo, Frances, New York, 347-577-4564
Cushner, Fred D., New York, 212-606-1031
Davidovitch, Roy, New York, 646-480-2821
Demetracopoulos, Constantine A., New York,
Dodwell, Emily R., New York, 212-606-1451 ◊
Drakos, Mark C., New York, 212-606-1112
Drucker, David A., Staten Island, 718-727-6945
Dushey, Craig H., New York, 212-289-0700
Egol, Kenneth, New York, 212-598-3889
Fischer, Charla R., New York, 646-501-7200
Flatow, Evan L., New York, 212-523-7100 S-2
Fornari, Eric D., Bronx, 718-920-2060 ◊
Forsh, David A., New York, 212-241-1745 S-2
Fragomen, Austin, New York, 212-606-1550
Frances, Jenny M., New York, 929-930-3373 ◊
Fufa, Duretti T., New York, 212-606-1440
Galano, Gregory J., New York, 212-737-3301
Galatz, Leesa M., New York, 212-241-8892 S-2
Gallina, Jessica B., New York, 212-265-0255 ◊
Geller, David S., Bronx, 718-920-2060
Geller, Jeffrey, New York, 212-305-4565
Gilbert, Richard S., Great Neck, 516-622-7975
Glickel, Steven Z., New York, 212-658-1122
Golant, Alexander, New York, 212-598-6282
Goldstein, Jeffrey A., New York, 212-263-9700
Green, Daniel W., New York, 212-606-1631 ◊
Greisberg, Justin K., New York, 212-305-5604
Grelsamer, Ronald P., New York, 646-704-4158
Gruson, Konrad I., Bronx, 718-920-2060
Gulotta, Lawrence V., New York, 646-797-8735
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* indicates doctor's practice offers cosmetic/reconstructive procedures.
eckin Endometriosis Center (SEC) is an internationally renowned
surgical practice dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of
endometriosis and complex gynecologic conditions. It was founded by
Dr. Tamer Seckin, who has over thirty years of experience exclusively
performing excisional surgery, pioneering new techniques for complex
endometriosis cases. He is also a Clinical Associate Professor at Zucker
School of Medicine and founder of Endometriosis Foundation of America.
Dr. Karli Provost Goldstein and Dr. Amanda Chu joined SEC in 2017 and
2021, respectively, after training under Dr. Seckin. Dr. Goldstein specializes
in fertility enhancing surgery (both laparoscopic and robotic) as well as
integrative care with hormones. Dr. Amanda Chu specializes in robotic
surgery, complex pelvic pain, and minimally invasive myomectomy. The New
York City-based practice offers a unique multidisciplinary team approach
to patients and prioritizes excellence in surgery with meticulous excision of
endometriosis lesions, reconstruction and restoration of the pelvic anatomy.
Amanda Chu, MD
2023 Rising Stars Honoree
Karli Provost Goldstein, MD
2023 Rising Stars Honoree
Tamer Seckin, MD
2023 Super Doctors Honoree
Seckin Endometriosis Center
872 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10065
T: 212-988-1444 // F: 212-988-1755 // www.drseckin.com
http://www.foresthillsretina.com http://www.bronsonortho.com http://www.drbitan.com http://www.drseckin.com

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