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Gupta, Salil, New York, 212-400-6633
Haas, Steven B., New York, 212-606-1852
Harvey, Gregory Paul, New York, 212-423-6416
Hausman, Michael R., New York,
212-636-3924 S-2
Healey, John H., New York, 212-639-7610 ◊
Hecht, Andrew C., New York, 212-241-0735 S-2
Hepinstall, Matthew S., New York, 646-501-7300
Hirsh, Laurie E., Bronx, 718-918-4921
Hoang, Bang Hai, Bronx, 718-920-2060
Horak, Bradley T., New York,
212-340-0000 S-2
Hyman, Joshua E., New York, 212-305-4565 ◊
Inglis, Jr., Allan E., New York, 212-265-5566
Jerabek, Seth A., New York, 212-774-7180
Jobin, Charles M., New York, 212-305-4565
Johnson, Anne Holland, New York, 212-203-0740
Kang, Michael N., East Hills, 518-705-3210 S-22
Karamitopoulos, Mara, New York,
212-598-6624 ◊
Kassapidis, Elias S., New York, 212-265-2828
Katchis, Stuart D., New York, 212-434-4920
Khan, Fazel, East Setauket, 631-444-4233
Kim, Jaehon M., New York,
212-636-8888 S-2, S-22
Klein, Jeffrey D., New York, 212-348-3636
Klion, Mark, New York, 212-737-3301
Kowalsky, Marc, Harrison, 203-869-1145
Lajam, Claudette M., New York, 646-501-7300
Lee, Steven J., New York, 212-737-3301
Lehman, Ronald A., New York, 212-932-5100 ◊
Lenke, Lawrence G., New York, 212-932-5100 ◊
Lenzo, Salvatore R., New York, 212-734-9949
Levine, William N., New York, 212-305-4565
Long, William J., New York, 212-774-2030
Lonner, Baron S., New York,
212-241-8947 S-2 ◊
Macaulay, William B., White Plains, 914-681-8808
McCance, Sean E., New York, 212-360-6500
McCann, Peter D., New York, 646-665-6784
Moucha, Calin S., New York, 212-241-1461 S-2
Muhlrad, Samantha, East Setauket, 631-444-1471
Nellans, Kate Wilkins, New Hyde Park,
Neri, Brian R., East Meadow, 516-758-8670
Nicholas, Stephen J., New York,
212-737-3301 S-17
Stephen J. Nicholas, MD
NY Orthopedics
New York, NY // 212-737-3301
New York Hall of Fame Legacy Member
Noy, Ron, New York, 917-877-3849
Padgett, Douglas E., New York, 212-606-1642
Paksima, Nader, New York, 212-263-2192
Parks, Michael L., New York, 646-797-8995
Parsons, Bradford, New York,
212-241-0025 S-2
Pearle, Andrew D., New York, 212-774-2878
Plancher, Kevin D., New York,
212-876-5200 S-18
Polatsch, Daniel B., New York, 212-434-4263
Popkin, Charles A., Tarrytown, 914-750-4630 ◊
Popovitz, Leon E., New York, 212-759-4553
Price, Andrew E., New York, 212-974-7242 ◊
Pruzansky, Mark E., New York, 212-249-8700
Quirno, Martin, New York, 212-427-7750 S-23
Qureshi, Sheeraz A., New York,
212-606-1585 S-23
Raskin, Keith B., New York, 212-889-8600
Re, Louis Peter, New York, 212-265-2828
Reish, Timothy G., New York, 646-293-7505 ◊
Rettig, Michael, New York, 212-263-7582
Riew, K. Daniel, New York, 212-746-1164 S-5
Rodeo, Scott A., New York, 212-606-1513
Rokito, Andrew S., New York, 646-501-7223
Rose, Donald J., New York, 212-348-3636 S-23
Rosen, Jeffrey, Fresh Meadows, 866-670-6824
Rosenstadt, Benjamin E., New York,
877-636-7846 S-2
Rosenwasser, Melvin P., Tarrytown,
Roye, Benjamin D., New York, 212-305-5475 ◊
Rozbruch, S. Robert, New York, 212-606-1415 ◊
Sama, Andrew A., New York, 212-606-1946
Sandhu, Harvinder S., New York, 212-606-1798
Schell, William, New York, 212-265-2828
Scher, David M., New York, 212-606-1253 ◊
Schwarzkopf, Ran, New York, 212-513-7711
Scuderi, Giles R., New York, 212-434-4310
Sculco, Thomas P., New York, 212-608-1777
Seneviratne, Aruna, New York,
212-636-8290 S-2
Shah, Roshan P., New York, 212-305-4565
Silber, Jeff, Great Neck, 516-723-2663
Soifer, Todd B., Brooklyn, 718-258-2588
Todd B. Soifer, MD
Maimonides Bone and Joint Center
Kings Highway Division
Brooklyn, NY // 718-258-2588
New York Hall of Fame Honoree
Spivak, Jeffrey M., New York, 646-501-7200
Stein, Peter D., Great Neck, 516-627-8717
Stieber, Jonathan R., New York, 212-883-8868
Strauch, Robert J., New York, 212-305-4565
Strauss, Eric Jason, New York, 646-501-7208
Su, Edwin P., New York, 212-606-1128
Tarwala, Rupesh, New York, 212-759-4553
Tehrany, Armin, New York, 212-729-9200
Tindel, Nathaniel L., New York, 212-249-3840 ◊
Tuckman, David V., Great Neck, 516-627-8717 ◊
Turtel, Andrew, New York, 212-319-6500
Tyler, Wakenda K., New York, 212-305-4565 ◊
Tyorkin, Maxim, New York, 212-731-2002 S-24
Vitale, Michael G., New York, 212-305-4565 ◊
Wang, Edward, East Setauket, 631-444-4233
Wasserman, Bradley, New York, 212-767-1100
Westrich, Geoffrey H., New York, 212-606-1510
Widmann, Roger F., New York, 212-606-1325 ◊
Wolfe, Scott W., New York, 212-606-1529
Yang, Edward C., Astoria, 718-808-7777
Yang, S. Steven, New York, 646-501-0740
Youm, Thomas, New York, 212-348-3636
Zelicof, Steven, Harrison, 914-686-0111
Rising Stars Honorees
Aggarwal, Vinay, New York, 212-427-3986
Ashraf, Imran, New York, 646-650-2229 ◊
Bartelstein, Meredith, New York, 212-639-8684
Belkin, Nicole Stephanie, Cortlandt Manor,
Bronson, Wesley, New York, 212-241-8947 S-2
Capogna, Brian M., Great Neck, 516-627-8717
Chan, Ferdinand J., Bronx, 718-920-2060
Chien, Bonnie Y., New York, 212-305-4565
Cohn, Randy M., Garden City, 516-396-7846
Czoch, Wojciech, New Hyde Park,
516-210-8400 ◊
Danoff, Jonathan, Great Neck, 516-723-2663
Dyrszka, Marc D., Bronxville, 212-932-5100 ◊
Fabricant, Peter, New York, 212-606-1996 ◊
Fu, Michael, New York, 212-606-1991
Henry, Jensen, New York, 212-774-7144
Herndon, Carl, Eastchester, 212-305-4565
Heyer, Jessica H., New York, 212-774-2677
Hopkins, Kristin, Southampton, 631-444-2274
Ju, Derek G., Great Neck, 516-627-8717
Kamara, Eli, Bronx, 718-920-2060
Karkenny, Alexa J., Bronx, 718-920-2060
Khaimov, Mikhail I., Staten Island, 718-818-1164
Knudsen, Michael L., New York, 212-305-4565
Korshunov, Yevgeniy A., Staten Island,
Krystal, Jonathan D., Bronx, 718-920-2060
Lazarev, Aleksey, New York, 646-650-2229
McLawhorn, Alexander S., New York,
Neuwirth, Alexander L., New York, 212-305-4565
Podolnick, Jeremy D., New York,
212-241-8892 S-2
Rabinovich, Remy, New York, 212-434-4263
See Selection Process on page S-2
Ranade, Sheena C., New York,
212-241-2561 S-2 ◊
Rothfeld, Alex A., Bohemia, 631-289-0338
Sardar, Zeeshan M., New York, 212-932-5100 ◊
Sarpong, Nana, New York, 212-305-4565
Seidman, Daniel L., Plainview, 516-681-8822
Voleti, Pramod B., Bronx, 718-920-2060
Weiser, Mitchell C., Bronx, 718-920-2060
Yeung, Marco, New York, 212-677-2157
Otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeons
provide medical and surgical management of
patients with diseases and disorders of the
ear, nose, throat (ENT), and related structures
of the head and neck. Some otolaryngologists
specialize in plastic and reconstructive
procedures within the head, face, neck, and
associated structures, including maxillofacial
trauma, soft tissue repair, cosmetic surgery,
and more.
Akbar, Nadeem A., Bronx, 718-920-4646
Alexiades, George, New York, 646-962-2032
Amin, Milan R., New York, 646-754-1207
Aviv, Jonathan E., New York, 646-868-4300
Bent, John P., Bronx, 718-920-4646 ◊
Bernstein, Joseph M., New York, 212-979-4545 ◊
Blitzer, Andrew, New York, 212-262-9500
Caruana, Salvatore M., New York, 212-305-8555
Chai, Raymond, New York, 212-844-8775
Chandrasekhar, Sujana, New York,
646-868-4300 ◊
Chernichenko, Natalya, Brooklyn, 718-780-1498
Chernobilsky, Boris, New York, 646-501-7889
Choe, Won-Taek, New York, 212-722-5570
Cohen, Marc A., New York, 212-639-3935
Cosetti, Maura K., New York, 212-979-4200
Costantino, Peter D., White Plains,
Dahl, Linda, New York, 212-920-3047
Dolitsky, Jay N., New York, 212-679-3499 ◊
Edelstein, David R., New York,
212-452-1500 S-13
Feghali, Joseph G., Bronx, 718-863-4366
Fried, Marvin P., Bronx, 718-920-4646
Genden, Eric M., New York, 212-241-9410
Goldstein, Nira A., Brooklyn, 718-270-1638 ◊
Govindaraj, Satish, New York, 212-241-9410
Grunstein, Eli, New York, 212-305-8933 ◊
Guida, Robert A., New York, 212-871-0900
Hackett, Alyssa M., New York, 212-241-9410 ◊
Haddad, Jr., Joseph, New York, 212-600-9411 ◊
ardiologist Satjit Bhusri, MD, FACC, sees patients at Upper East Side Cardiology, in Manhattan. Dr. Bhusri graduated from
Cornell University and SUNY-Downstate College of Medicine. He has research experience in molecular oncology and molecular
hematology from Cold Spring Harbor Labs and Harvard Medical School, and completed his advanced medical training
at Lenox Hill Hospital. He offers state-of-the-art care and advanced diagnostics, as well as remote monitoring and telehealth
services. In 2015, Dr. Bhusri suffered from cardiac shock and spent a month in intensive care. He had only a 20 percent
chance of survival-but with a strong network of physicians and family, he healed. This experience made him a more mindful
and healthy person. He shares this experience with his patients to help them become more mindful and healthy, too. Dr. Bhusri
has been featured in Forbes, NBC News, CBS News, SiriusXM Radio, The New York Times Magazine, CNN, and more. He is
an American College of Cardiology fellow and American Heart Association council member.
Upper east side Cardiology
advanCed Cardiology and vein institUte
45 East End Avenue, New York, NY 10028 | 212-752-3464 | www.bhusriheart.com
http://www.newyorkorthopedics.com http://www.bhusriheart.com

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