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For 20-plus years, MSP Communications, a leading researcher and publisher, has recognized doctors who have gone above and beyond in
its annual Super Doctors®
announce the 2023 New York Super Doctors and Rising Stars honorees. Congratulations to all of them.
THE LIST: Super Doctors uses a patented multiphase selection process, combining peer nominations and evaluations with independent research. It
should be noted that Doctors cannot pay to be included on Super Doctors listings nor are they paid to provide input.
e asked doctors to nominate one or more colleagues (excluding themselves) they would choose in seeking medical care. Candidates were
evaluated on myriad factors, including (but not limited to) peer recognition and professional achievement. Doctors with the highest scores were
invited to serve on a Blue-Ribbon Panel. Candidates with the highest cumulative points from surveys, research, and Blue-Ribbon Panel review were
selected. Of course, no list is perfect. Many qualified doctors who are providing excellent care are not included on this year's list. However, if you're
looking for doctors who have earned the high regard of their peers, this list is a great place to start your search.
Rising Stars: The selection process for Rising Stars is the same as it is for Super Doctors. Just one caveat: Rising Stars recognizes providers who
have been fully licensed to practice medicine in their respective specialty for approximately 10 years or less.
Doctors named to the lists for 15 years (or more) were eligible to designate this special honor in a paid profile using the
New York Super Doctors Hall of Fame Legacy Logo. Doctors named for at least 10 years were eligible to designate the
recognition in a paid profile using the Hall of Fame Logo. The complete list of honorees can be viewed at superdoctors.com.
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Orthopedics at Mount Sinai
Adler, MD‡
Anthony, MD*
Arsht, MD‡
Bax, DO*
Michael J.
Bronson, MD‡
Bronson, MD§
Bulkin, MD*
Cagle, Jr., MD* Chaudhary, MD*
Darwin D.
Chen, MD*
Colvin, MD*
Evan L.
Flatow, MD‡
David A.
Forsh, MD*
Leesa M.
Galatz, MD*
James N.
Gladstone, MD‡
Michael R.
Hausman, MD‡
Andrew C.
Hecht, MD‡
Horak, MD*
Jaehon M.
Kim, MD*
Leber, MD*
Alexander J.
Lee, MD*
Lee, MD*
Baron S.
Lonner, MD‡
Mahajer, DO§
Calin S.
Moucha, MD†
Parsons, MD‡
Perna, MD*
*Selection to Super Doctors 2023 list †Super Doctors Hall of Fame Honoree ‡Super Doctors Hall of Fame Legacy Member §Selection to Rising Stars 2023 list
ount Sinai's Orthopedic Super Doctors honorees are leaders in bone,
joint, and spinal care, using minimally invasive techniques and the most
advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technologies across all orthopedic specialties.
From musculoskeletal sports medicine to joint replacement surgery for hips,
knees, and shoulders, as well as fractures and tumors, our patients benefit from
personalized treatment plans provided by a multidisciplinary team of specialists
with convenient locations throughout Manhattan and beyond. The Mount Sinai
Hospital is ranked 8th nationally for Orthopedics by U.S. News & World Report.
For more information, please visit mountsinai.org/orthopedics
Orthopedics at The Mount Sinai Hospital ....212-241-8892
The Spine Hospital at Mount Sinai .................212-241-8947
The Orthopedic Center at Mount Sinai West .... 877-636-7846
Orthopedics at Mount Sinai Union Square ...... 212-844-6400
Jeremy D.
Podolnick, MD§
Sheena C.
Ranade, MD§
Rosenstadt, MD* Seneviratne, MD*
http://www.superdoctors.com http://www.mountsinai.org/orthopedics

2023 Super Doctors - New York

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