2023 Super Doctors - New York - S-3

Specialist manages disorders involving
immune system conditions such as asthma,
anaphylaxis, rhinitis, and eczema as well as
adverse reactions to drugs, foods, and insect
stings; also, immune deficiency diseases and
problems related to autoimmune disease,
organ transplantation, or malignancies of the
immune system.
Alexis, Ama, New York, 212-729-1283 ◊
Bernstein, Larry Jay, Bronx, 347-498-2410
Buchbinder, Ellen M., New York, 212-410-3246
Bunyavanich, Supinda, New York,
212-241-5548 ◊
Chandler, Michael J., New York, 212-486-6715
Cox, Amanda, New York, 212-241-5548 ◊
Ferastraoaru, Denisa E., Bronx, 866-633-8255
Horne, Nathanael, New York, 646-754-2000
Jerschow, Elina, Bronx, 866-633-8255 ◊
Kaza, Ujwala, New York, 646-868-4300 ◊
Klein, Norman I., Brooklyn, 718-376-1004 ◊
Kuriakose, Julie S., New York, 212-729-1283
Lee-Wong, Mary, New York, 212-420-4013
Lin, Robert Y., New York, 212-686-6321
Mainardi, Timothy R., New York, 212-729-1283
Maitland, Anne L., Tarrytown, 914-631-3283
Mazza, David S., New York, 212-677-7170 ◊
Moreau, Joanne, New York, 212-548-7124 ◊
Nassef, Mervat, New York, 212-305-2300 ◊
Nejat, Morris, New York, 212-686-6321 ◊
Novick, Brian, Forest Hills, 718-261-3663 ◊
Nowak-Wegrzyn, Anna, New York,
212-263-5940 ◊
Patel, Sujan, New York, 212-460-5622 ◊
Sicherer, Scott H., New York, 212-241-5548 ◊
Silverman, Bernard A., Brooklyn, 718-998-5556 ◊
Szema, Anthony M., South Setauket,
631-675-6474 ◊
Thanik, Erin, New York, 212-824-7114 ◊
Wang, Julie, New York, 212-241-5548 ◊
Weiss, Steven, Woodbury, 516-921-2267 ◊
Yu, Joyce Elaine, New York, 212-305-2300 ◊
Rising Stars Honorees
Baker, Mary Grace, New York, 212-241-5548 ◊
Brooks, Joel, New York, 212-305-2300 ◊
Hochfelder, Jillian, Valhalla, 914-493-7585 ◊
Mehta, Rushita, New York, 646-475-1749 ◊
Naik, Roshni, New York, 212-420-2377 ◊
Silverman, Susanna, New York, 212-260-6078
Provides anesthesia for patients undergoing
surgical, obstetric, diagnostic, or therapeutic
procedures; practice may also focus on
Pain Medicine, Sleep Medicine, Hospice
and Palliative Medicine, Neurocritical Care,
Critical Care Medicine and more.
Alexis, Uel, New York, 212-724-7246
Campese, Christopher L., Glen Cove,
Chapman, Kenneth, New York, 212-724-7246
Datta, Sukdeb, New York, 347-380-9138 S-21
Sukdeb Datta, MD
Datta Endoscopic Back Surgery & Pain Center
New York, NY // 347-380-9138
New York Hall of Fame Honoree
Di Capua, John F., Melville, 516-945-3005
Griffin, Robert S., New York, 212-774-2944
Gritsenko, Karina, Bronx, 718-920-7246
Jahanbakhsh, Keyvan, New York, 646-650-2229
Khelemsky, Yury, New York, 212-241-6372
Lasheen, Samy M., Brooklyn, 718-435-6441
Patel, Kiran V., New York, 212-724-7246
Stein, David G., New York, 212-746-2974 ◊
Rising Stars Honorees
Akuamoah, Latrice, Staten Island, 718-667-3577
Gupta, Abhishek, Stony Brook, 631-638-0800
Kreiner, Jason D., East Meadow, 516-324-7500
Nicholas, Brian W., Lake Success,
516-622-7400 ◊
Otterbeck, Robert, Staten Island, 718-667-3577
Raval, Raj, Brooklyn, 718-521-2424
Sebeo, Joseph, New York, 646-315-2044
Cardiac surgeons perform procedures such
as artery bypass grafts, heart valve repair or
replacement, heart transplantation, surgery of
the thoracic aorta, repair of congenital heart
defects, and minimally invasive heart surgery.
Argenziano, Michael, New York,
212-305-5888 S-9
Bacha, Emile, New York, 212-305-2688 S-9 ◊
Crooke, Gregory A., Brooklyn, 718-283-7686
Krieger, Karl H., New York, 212-746-5152
Lau, Christopher, New York, 212-746-5172
Takayama, Hiroo, New York,
212-305-6380 S-9
Rising Stars Honoree
Kalfa, David, New York, 212-305-5975 S-9 ◊
Cardiologists focus on the diagnosis,
medical management, and prevention of
cardiovascular disease; providers also have
special training and skill in finding, treating
and preventing diseases of the heart and
blood vessels.
Aizer, Anthony, New York, 212-263-3600
Apfelbaum, Mark A., New York, 215-305-8108
Ascunce, Rebecca R., New York, 646-962-5558
Attubato, Michael J., New York, 212-263-5656
Bangalore, Sripal, New York, 212-263-5656
Belsky, Paul, New York, 212-861-4020
Berger, Jeffrey S., New York, 212-263-7751
Bhusri, Satjit, New York, 212-752-3464 S-12
Satjit Bhusri, MD, FACC
Upper East Side Cardiology
New York, NY // 212-752-3464
Biviano, Angelo, New York, 212-342-1775
Blaufarb, Ira S., New York, 212-828-3200
Bloom, Michelle, Commack, 631-444-9600
Borg, Morton, New York, 212-844-8300 ◊
Cangello, Tara N., New York, 212-434-6160
Carroll, Sheila J., New York, 212-746-3561 ◊
Celaj, Sulejman, Bronx, 718-960-1488
Cole, William J., New York, 212-263-7071
Duvvuri, Srinivas, Staten Island, 718-981-2684
Fisher, Jeffrey D., New York, 212-734-4700
Friedman, Richard A., New Hyde Park,
501-601-7200 ◊
Geiger, Miwa Karen, New York, 844-733-7692 ◊
Gelbman, Joy M., New York, 646-962-5558
Gianos, Eugenia, New York, 212-434-6160
Gitler, Bernard, New Rochelle, 914-633-7870
Goodman, Dennis A., New York, 646-754-2000
Graf, Jeffrey H., New York, 212-410-6001
Grayver, Evelina, Manhasset,
516-562-4100 S-21
Halperin, Jonathan L., New York, 212-241-7243
Halpern, Dan G., New York, 646-501-0647
Harnick, David J., New York, 212-679-4488
David J. Harnick, MD
Heartwise Cardiology
New York, NY // 212-679-4488
New York Hall of Fame Honoree
Healy, Kirsten, New York, 212-772-9223
Horn, Evelyn M., New York, 646-962-5555
Insel, Herbert A., New York, 212-360-1800
Janis, Gregory, New York, 646-754-2100
Katz, Edward S., New York, 212-263-7751
Katz, Lawrence A., New York, 212-752-2000
Kerstein, Joshua, Brooklyn, 718-283-8614
Kholwadwala, Dipak, New Hyde Park,
516-601-7200 ◊
Kirschner, Eric, New York, 212-879-7777
Klein, Eitan, New York, 646-754-2100
Kohn, Jeffrey A., New York, 212-249-2550
Lala-Trindade, Anuradha, New York,
212-241-7300 S-22
Lefkowitz, David, New York, 212-288-4200
Levin, Lawrence F., New York, 212-879-3200
Lipton, Mark S., New York, 212-570-2077
Love, Barry A., New York, 212-241-9516 ◊
Mancini, Donna M., New York, 212-241-7300
Mandel, Scott W., Lake Success, 516-390-2400
Menegus, Mark, Bronx, 718-920-5528
Meyer, Mark L., New York, 212-583-2999
Miller, Marc A., New York, 212-241-7114
Moskovits, Norbert, Brooklyn, 718-283-7948
Nash, Ira S., New York, 212-535-6340
Novack, Henry F., New York, 646-754-2100
Olin, Jeffrey W., New York, 212-241-9454
Pass, Robert H., New York, 844-733-7692 ◊
Phillips, Lawrence M., New York, 212-263-7751
Rabbani, Leroy E., New York, 212-305-1581
Rao, Sunil, New York, 212-263-5656
Rastegar, Raymonda, New York, 212-679-4488
Raymonda Rastegar, MD, FACC
Heartwise Cardiology
New York, NY // 212-679-4488
New York Hall of Fame Honoree
Ratcliffe, Justin, Brooklyn, 718-266-0900
Ravalli, Stefano, New York, 212-305-5371
Reyentovich, Alex, New York, 646-501-0119
Riegelhaupt, Elliot J., New York, 212-439-6638
Robbins, Michael J., Rego Park, 718-520-6100
Roman, Mary J., New York, 646-962-4733
Rosenbluth, Adam B., New York, 212-737-2274
Schiffer, Mark B., New York, 212-535-6340
Schrem, Stanley S., New York, 212-249-2710
Sharma, Samin K., New York,
212-241-0884 S-24
Sherman, David, New York, 212-327-4382
Skipitaris, Nicholas T., New York, 212-434-6500
Skolnick, Adam H., New York, 212-263-2674
Slater, William R., New York, 212-263-7463
Stern, Eric H., New York, 212-427-1540
Tenet, William J., Manhasset, 516-627-4330
Thakore, Avni, East Hills, 516-563-7930
Weinberg, Catherine, New York, 212-786-7705
Weinberger, Judah, New York, 212-822-3409
Weintraub, Howard S., New York,
Zuckerman, Warren A., New York,
212-305-6575 ◊
Rising Stars Honorees
Azari, Bani M., Manhasset, 516-562-4100 S-20
Barghash, Maya, New York, 212-241-7300
Basman, Craig L., New York, 212-434-2606
Chang, Nai-Lun, New York, 718-393-5333
BLUE BOLDFACE indicates a profile on the specified page. ◊ indicates doctor's practice has a pediatric specialty or subspecialty.
Garshick, Michael S., New York, 212-263-0855
Gonzalez, Maday, Bronx, 718-920-6700 S-21
Maday Gonzalez, MD
Montefiore Medical Center
Bronx, NY // 718-920-6700
Jadhav, Preeti, Bronx, 718-590-1800
Kotkin, Sean A., Rego Park, 718-520-6100
Kukar, Nina, New York, 212-492-5550
McCullough, Stephen Andrew, New York,
Mitter, Sumeet S., New York, 212-241-7300
Parikh, Roosha, Roslyn, 516-622-4508
Paul, Tracy K., New York, 646-962-5558
Pettei, Thomas J., New Rochelle, 914-633-7870
Rochlani, Yogita M., Bronx, 718-920-2626
Rojas Marte, Geurys, Staten Island,
Tam, Edlira, Commack, 631-638-0597
Webster, Tyler, New York, 212-263-1240
Colon and rectal surgeons focus on various
diseases of the small intestine, colon, rectum,
anal canal, and perianal area-including
the organs and tissues related to primary
intestinal diseases.
Abdelnaby, Abier Abdelhamid, Bronx,
Bernstein, Mitchell A., New York, 646-501-0584
Chessin, David B., New York, 212-517-8600
Denoya, Paula I., Smithtown, 631-444-1825
Garrett, Kelly A., New York, 212-746-6030
Hunt, Daniel H., New York, 646-962-2270
Milsom, Jeffrey W., New York, 646-962-2270
Pappas, Dean P., Garden City, 516-248-2422
Pigazzi, Alessio, New York, 646-962-2270
Procaccino, Jr., John A., Great Neck,
Rivadeneira, David E., Woodbury,
631-470-1450 S-23
Shehebar, Josef A., Brooklyn, 718-630-8600
Weiser, Martin, New York, 833-729-0528
Whelan, Richard L., New York, 212-434-4860
Yeo, Heather L., New York, 646-962-2270
Rising Stars Honorees
Hahn, Sue, New York, 212-241-1077
Schwartzberg, David M., New York,
212-342-1155 S-9
Sutton, Elie, Brooklyn, 718-283-7602
A physician trained in critical care medicine
has expertise in the diagnosis, treatment and
support of critically ill and injured patients,
particularly trauma victims and patients with
multiple organ dysfunction. The critical care
physician may be the primary provider of care
or a consultant.
Conway, Jr., Edward E., Bronx, 718-918-6981 ◊
Halpern, Neil A., New York, 212-639-6731
Kessel, Aaron D., New Hyde Park,
718-470-3330 ◊
Killinger, James, New York, 212-746-3056 ◊
Kupfer, Yizhak Y., Brooklyn, 718-283-8187
Narasimhan, Mangala, New Hyde Park,
Nellis, Marianne, New York, 347-514-4933 ◊
Pastores, Stephen M., New York, 212-639-6673
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* indicates doctor's practice offers cosmetic/reconstructive procedures.
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