2023 Super Doctors - New York - S-7

Lukin, Dana, New York, 212-746-5077
Marion, James F., New York, 212-241-8100
Martinez, Mercedes, New York,
212-305-3000 S-9 ◊
McCabe, Evin J., New York, 212-434-3427
Mohajer, Babak, New York, 212-260-6505
Mulrooney, Stephen M., Staten Island,
Novak, Inna, Bronx, 718-741-2450 ◊
Oneto, Caterina, New York, 212-889-5544
Caterina Oneto, MD
Vanguard Gastroenterology
New York, NY // 212-889-5544
Twitter: @caterina_oneto
Orbuch, Murray, New York, 212-688-0813
Pittman, Nanci S., New York, 212-241-5415 ◊
Pochapin, Mark B., New York, 212-263-3095
Potack, Jonathan, New York, 212-214-4514
Reilly, Norelle Rizkalla, New York,
212-305-5903 ◊
Rubin, Moshe, New York, 212-772-1012
Sanghavi, Moushumi, New York, 212-777-6017
Schattner, Mark A., New York, 212-639-3148
Schiano, Thomas D., New York, 212-241-8035
Sharaiha, Reem Z., New York, 646-962-4000
Shen, Bo, New York, 212-305-9664 S-9
Sigal, Samuel, Bronx, 888-795-4837
Starpoli, Anthony A., New York, 212-673-2721
Tenner, Scott M., Brooklyn, 718-368-2960
Scott M. Tenner, MD
Brooklyn Gastroenterology
& Endoscopy, PLLC
Brooklyn, NY // 718-368-2960
New York Hall of Fame Legacy Member
Verna, Elizabeth C., New York,
212-305-0914 S-9
Wattacheril, Julia, New York,
212-305-0914 S-9
Weber, Scott, New York, 212-889-5544
Wetzler, Graciela, Brooklyn, 718-283-7500 ◊
Wolff, Martin, New York, 212-794-0240
Woolrich, Audrey J., New York, 212-861-7441
Rising Stars Honorees
Barraza, Luis H., New York, 212-889-7880
Borlack, Rachel, Bronx, 718-741-2332 ◊
Frado, Laura, New York, 212-996-6633
Goldner, Dana, New York, 212-305-3000 S-9 ◊
Husney, Jack, Brooklyn, 718-872-5270
Newberry, Carolyn, New York, 646-962-4463
Perelman, Alexander, New York, 212-889-5544
Shahnazarian, Vahe, Staten Island,
Genetic medicine specialists incorporate
areas such as gene therapy, personalized
medicine and predictive medicine.
Anyane-Yeboa, Kwame, New York,
212-305-6731 ◊
Balwani, Manisha, New York,
212-241-0915 S-20
Barbosa, Mafalda, New York,
212-241-0915 S-20 ◊
Cohen, Lilian L., New York, 646-962-2205 ◊
Diaz, George A., New York, 212-241-6947 ◊
Ganesh, Jaya, New York, 212-241-0915 S-21 ◊
Klugman, Susan, Bronx, 718-405-8150
Lozano, Reymundo, New York,
212-241-6947 S-22 ◊
Marion, Robert, Bronx, 718-741-2323 ◊
Mehta, Lakshmi, New York, 212-305-6731 ◊
Pappas, John, New York, 646-754-2222 ◊
Pereira, Elaine M., New York, 212-305-6731 ◊
Samanich, Joy M., Armonk, 914-236-0336 ◊
Wasserstein, Melissa P., Bronx, 718-741-2323 ◊
Rising Stars Honorees
Bassetti, Jennifer, New York, 646-962-2205
Breilyn, Margo Sheck, New York,
212-241-6947 S-20 ◊
Latham, Alicia, New York, 646-888-4050
Geriatric providers maintain knowledge of the
aging process and possess specialized skills
in the diagnostic, therapeutic, preventive, and
rehabilitative aspects of illness in the elderly.
Adelman, Ronald D., New York, 212-746-7000
Babitz, Lisa E., New York, 212-265-1471
Buddhavarapu, Raj, White Plains,
Chodosh, Joshua, New York, 212-263-7300
Ehrlich, Amy, Bronx, 718-920-8888
Feher, Laszlo A., New York, 212-686-4212
Fields, Suzanne, East Setauket, 631-444-4630
George, Claudene J., Bronx, 718-920-8888
Ko, Fred C., New York, 212-241-9370
Leipzig, Rosanne M., New York, 212-659-8552
Levine-Tanco, Karen, New York, 212-463-0101
Paris, Barbara E., Brooklyn, 718-283-7071
Ramaswamy, Ravishankar, New York,
Rising Stars Honorees
Bhatia, Sonica, New York, 212-604-6534
Groysman, Pavel, Fresh Meadows,
Lembeck, Meghan, New York, 212-263-3210
BLUE BOLDFACE indicates a profile on the specified page. ◊ indicates doctor's practice has a pediatric specialty or subspecialty.
* indicates doctor's practice offers cosmetic/reconstructive procedures.
r. Bilal Chughtai is a highly skilled surgeon who focuses on urological care for both
men and women, specializing in pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery for women
as well as male voiding dysfunction. Whether treating immediate symptoms or examining
underlying causes of these highly prevalent, debilitating conditions, he believes in treating
the body as a cohesive system and building a supportive partnership with each patient.
He designs personalized treatment plans to assure future well-being. Currently Associate
Professor of Urology at Weill Cornell Medical College, one of the country's top-ranked
medical and research centers, Dr. Chughtai completed his medical degree at State University
of New York at Stony Brook, his urologic surgery residency at Albany Medicine Center and
his fellowship in female urology, neuro-urology and voiding dysfunction at Memorial SloanKettering
Cancer Center and New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical College.
An active researcher, he has contributed chapters to several urologic texts and published
four textbooks and more than 250 peer-reviewed articles. A frequent speaker at national
and international conferences, he also mentors students, residents, and fellows in clinical
and basic science research projects, which has allowed his team to participate in numerous
clinical trials sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and other leading organizations.
425 E. 61st Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY, 10065
646-962-4811 // www.weillcornell.org
http://www.nygicare.com http://www.weillcornell.org http://www.superdoctors.com

2023 Super Doctors - New York

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