2023 Super Doctors - New York - S-8

Gynecologic oncology is a sub-specialty field
of obstetrics and gynecology that concentrates
on the diagnosis and surgical management of
cancers of the female reproductive system,
as well as complex benign gynecologic
Abu-Rustum, Nadeem, New York, 212-639-7051
Chi, Dennis S., New York, 212-639-5016
Cohen, Samantha, New York, 212-604-6059
Holcomb, Kevin M., New York, 212-746-7553
Lallas, Thomas A., New York, 212-838-0886
Nagarsheth, Nimesh, New York, 201-894-5999
Nezhat, Farr R., New York, 646-970-2737
Prasad-Hayes, Monica, New York, 212-241-1111
Rahaman, Jamal, New York, 212-427-1415
Sonoda, Yukio, New York, 833-267-2258
Rising Stars Honorees
Cantillo, Evelyn, New York, 646-697-6621
Cowan, Matthew W., Bronx, 718-405-8082
Hacker, Kari, Brooklyn, 929-455-2705 ◊
Hematologists have knowledge and expertise
in diseases of the blood, spleen, and lymph.
Conditions include anemia, clotting disorders,
sickle cell disease, hemophilia, leukemia, and
Allen, Steven L., Lake Success, 516-734-8959
Amengual, Jennifer E., New York, 212-305-0591
Furman, Richard, New York, 646-962-2064
Hymes, Kenneth B., New York, 212-731-5189
Jurcic, Joseph G., New York, 212-305-5098
Kolitz, Jonathan, Lake Success, 516-734-8970
Levine, Randy L., New York, 212-717-1020
Martin, Peter, New York, 646-962-2064
Panzera, Brenda D., New York, 212-861-6660
Raphael, Bruce G., New York, 212-731-5185
Rosenblat, Todd L., New York, 212-305-5077
Rising Stars Honorees
Guigova, Adriana, Stony Brook, 855-528-7322
Monge, Jorge, New York, 646-962-6500
Singhal, Nakul, New Hyde Park, 855-528-7322
Infectious disease physicians specialize in
the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of
infectious diseases. Practitioners may also
have expertise in preventive medicine and
travel medicine.
Aberg, Judith, New York, 212-241-7968
Berkowitz, Leonard, Brooklyn, 718-250-6922
Cervia, Joseph, Manhasset, 516-562-4280 ◊
Chapnick, Edward K., Brooklyn, 718-283-7492
Epstein, Marcia E., Manhasset, 516-562-4280
Farber, Bruce F., Manhasset, 516-562-4280
Fries, Bettina, Commack, 631-444-3490
Ghitan, Monica, Brooklyn, 718-283-7974
Glesby, Marshall J., New York, 212-746-4177
Gulick, Roy M., New York, 212-746-6320
Helfgott, David C., New York, 646-962-8747
Husney, Robert, Brooklyn, 718-934-1234
Louie, Eddie, New York, 646-501-9831
McMeeking, Alexander, New York, 212-929-2629
Miller, Andy O., New York, 212-774-2317
Mullen, Michael P., New York, 212-241-2950
Nachman, Sharon A., Commack, 631-444-5437 ◊
Perlman, David C., New York, 212-844-1833
Polsky, Bruce, Mineola, 516-663-2381
Press, Robert A., New York, 646-300-2867
Salomon, Nadim, New York, 212-420-4006
Satlin, Michael J., New York, 646-962-8747
Telzak, Edward, Bronx, 718-960-6205
Wallach, Fran, Manhasset, 516-562-4280
Rising Stars Honorees
Aaron, Justin G., New York, 212-305-8039
Fiorito, Theresa M., Mineola, 516-663-4600 ◊
Kodiyanplakkal, Rosy Priya, New York,
Saito, Kohta, New York, 646-962-8747 ◊
Internists are personal physicians who
provide long-term, comprehensive care in
the office and in the hospital, managing both
common and complex illnesses of adolescents,
adults and the elderly.
Adler, Nicole M., Mineola, 516-663-2204
Binsol, Claire C., New York, 212-379-6480
Charap, Mitchell H., New York, 212-263-8313
Charap, Peter J., New York, 212-579-2200
Cohen, Richard P., New York, 212-734-6464
Collier, Trenton R., New York, 646-962-5665
Ditchek, Alan, Brooklyn, 718-769-0444
Alan Ditchek, MD
Internal Medicine
Brooklyn, NY // 718-769-0444
New York Hall of Fame Honoree
Dursztman, Mark, New York, 212-288-3290
Edelson, David G., Great Neck, 516-627-4433
Fallick, Nina, New York, 212-426-0190
Nina Fallick, MD
Mount Sinai
New York, NY // 212-426-0190
Concierge Services Available
Fenyves, Paul Jason, New York, 646-962-7300
Furman, Alice C., New York, 212-426-0190
Gelbard, Sandra Nicole, New York,
212-988-5303 S-21
Sandra Nicole Gelbard, MD
Park Avenue Medical Concierge
1085 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10128
Concierge Services Available
New York Hall of Fame Honoree
Golden, Flavia A., New York, 212-396-3016
Goldin, Daniel, New York, 212-857-4513
Hall-Ross, Sandra M., New York, 212-746-2900
Horovitz, Len, New York, 212-744-3001 ◊
Huang, Amy, New York, 212-689-1334
Kent, Jennifer A., New York, 212-241-6585
LaScalea, Keith, New York, 646-962-7300
Lebeau, Dorothy L., New York, 212-725-2660
Lewin, Neal A., New York, 646-640-7687
Merrick, Samuel, New York, 212-746-4180
Morales, Susana R., New York, 212-746-2900
Parr, Sonal, New York, 212-396-9500
Pearlstein, Ora, New York, 212-379-6480
Silvershein, Daniel I., New York, 212-599-7101
Underberg, James A., New York, 212-207-1959
Weatherly, Bojana, New York, 646-627-8000
Rising Stars Honorees
Dallos, Matthew C., New York, 646-888-4234
Dilling, Marylee H., New York, 212-779-6083 ◊
Neonatologists diagnose and treat newborns
with conditions such as breathing disorders,
infections, or birth defects; coordinate care
and medically manage newborns born
prematurely, critically ill, or in need of
Bailey, Sean, New York, 212-263-7477 ◊
Campbell, Deborah E., Bronx, 718-904-4105 ◊
Hand, Ivan L., Brooklyn, 718-245-4753 ◊
Krishnamurthy, Ganga, New York,
212-305-5827 ◊
La Gamma, Edmund F., Valhalla, 914-493-8558 ◊
Parravicini, Elvira, New York, 212-305-0955 ◊
Perlman, Jeffrey M., New York, 646-697-1532 ◊
Thompson-Branch, Alecia M., Bronx,
718-904-4105 ◊
Rising Stars Honorees
Chang, Catherine, New York, 646-697-6428 ◊
Hays, Thomas, New York, 212-305-5827 ◊
Reed, Rachel L., New York, 212-523-8306 ◊
Tiwari, Priyanka, New York, 646-697-6428 ◊
Nephrologists treat disorders of the kidney,
high blood pressure, fluid and mineral
balance, and dialysis of body wastes when
the kidneys do not function. This specialist
consults with surgeons about kidney
Akchurin, Oleh M., New York, 646-962-4324 ◊
Appel, Gerald B., New York, 212-305-0320
August, Phyllis, New York, 646-962-2602
Benchimol, Corinne, New York, 212-241-6187 ◊
Campbell, Kirk Nicholas, New York,
Goilav, Beatrice, Bronx, 718-655-1120 ◊
Goldfarb, David S., New York, 212-263-5851
Kaskel, Frederick J., Bronx, 718-655-1120 ◊
Radhakrishnan, Jai, New York, 212-305-3273
Fakheri, Robert J., New York, 646-962-2110
Frankel, Brittney A., New York, 212-396-3016
Kimble, Sarah, New York, 212-505-6663
Li, Roland, New York, 212-876-1886
Ng, Patricia, East Setauket, 631-444-4630
Saunders, Katherine H., New York,
Maternal fetal medicine (MFM) specialists are
high-risk pregnancy experts for complications
of pregnancy. Physicians often partner with
multiple caregivers to consult, co-manage or
care directly for complicated situations, both
before, during and after pregnancy.
Bornstein, Eran, New York, 212-434-2585
Chervenak, Frank, New York, 212-434-2160
D'Alton, Mary E., New York, 212-326-8951
Hutson, J. Milton, New York, 212-472-5340
Kalish, Robin B., New York, 212-746-3146
Pri-Paz, Shai M., New York, 212-746-3440
Riley, Laura, New York, 212-746-7964
Simpson, Lynn L., New York, 212-305-3151
Thornton, Yvonne S., Valhalla, 914-594-2112
Rising Stars Honorees
Grossman, Tracy, New York, 212-263-7021
Pachtman, Sarah L., Great Neck, 516-472-5700
See Selection Process on page S-2
Reidy, Kimberly J., Bronx, 718-741-2450 ◊
Saland, Jeffrey M., New York, 212-241-6187 ◊
Smith, Steven D., New York, 212-523-8672
Spinowitz, Bruce S., South Bronx, 718-931-5800
Spitalewitz, Samuel, Brooklyn, 718-240-5615
Weisstuch, Joseph, New York, 212-263-0705
Rising Stars Honorees
El Hachem, Karim, New York, 212-523-8672
Malha, Line, New York, 646-962-2605
Zachariah, Teena P., New York, 212-305-3273
Neurological surgeons provide care for adult
and pediatric patients in the treatment of pain
or pathological processes that may modify
the function or activity of the central nervous
system, the peripheral nervous system, and
Anderer, Erich G., Brooklyn, 718-630-6580
Bilsky, Mark H., New York, 800-525-2225
Boockvar, John A., New York, 212-434-3900
Bruce, Jeffrey N., New York, 212-305-7346
Connolly, E. Sander, New York, 212-305-0376
Ellis, Jason A., New York, 212-434-3900
Feldstein, Neil A., New York, 212-305-1396 S-5 ◊
Fu, Kai-Ming, New York, 212-746-2260 S-5
Golfinos, John G., New York, 212-263-2950
Greenfield, Jeffrey P., New York,
212-746-2363 S-5 ◊
Härtl, Roger, New York, 212-746-2152 S-5
Hoffman, Caitlin E., New York,
212-746-2363 S-5 ◊
Jenkins, III, Arthur L., New York, 646-760-7888
Kaplitt, Michael G., New York,
212-746-4966 S-5
Knopman, Jared, New York, 212-746-5149 S-5
Kondziolka, Douglas S., New York, 646-501-2360
Langer, David J., New York, 212-434-3900
Lin, Ning, Flushing, 718-670-1837 S-5
Mandigo, Christopher E., New York, 212-326-8941
McCormick, Paul C., New York, 212-305-7976
McKhann, Guy M., New York, 212-305-0052
Muh, Carrie R., Hawthorne, 914-775-5437 ◊
Ortiz, Rafael A., New York, 212-434-3900 ◊
Otten, Marc L., Harrison, 203-609-1145
Pannullo, Susan, New York, 212-746-2438 S-5
Park, John, Flushing, 718-670-1837 S-5
Ramakrishna, Rohan, New York,
212-746-1996 S-5
Riina, Howard A., New York, 212-263-0095
Schwartz, Theodore H., New York,
212-746-5620 S-5
Shrivastava, Raj K., New York, 212-241-6147 ◊
Sisti, Michael B., New York, 212-305-1728
Smith, Michael L., New York, 888-636-7840
Snow, Robert B., New York, 888-922-2257 S-5
Souweidane, Mark M., New York,
212-746-2363 S-5 ◊
Stieg, Philip E., New York, 212-746-4684 S-5
Rising Stars Honorees
Baum, Griffin R., New York, 212-434-3900 ◊
D'Amico, Randy S., New York, 212-434-3900
Hussain, Ibrahim, New York, 888-922-2257 S-5
Kobets, Andrew Joshua, Bronx, 718-920-2597 ◊
Morgenstern, Peter F., New York,
212-241-0954 ◊
Park, Paul J., New York, 212-746-7625 S-5
Pisapia, Jared M., Hawthorne, 914-775-5437 ◊
Schwarz, Justin, New York, 212-746-2821 S-5
Virk, Michael S., New York, 646-962-3388 S-5
Youngerman, Brett E., New York, 646-317-2887
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