2023 Super Doctors - New York - S-9

Schottenstein, Douglas C., New York,
212-750-1155 S-24
A neurologist specializes in the evaluation and
treatment of all types of disease or impaired
function of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral
nerves, muscles, and autonomic nervous
system, as well as the blood vessels that
relate to these structures.
Al-Mufti, Fawaz, Valhalla, 914-493-8558
Anziska, Yaacov, Brooklyn, 718-270-2502
Bazil, Carl W., New York, 212-305-1742
Beal, Jules C., Queens, 718-670-2468 ◊
Boro, Alexis, Bronx, 718-920-4898
Broner, Susan, New York, 212-746-1162
Coyle, Patricia K., Stony Brook, 631-444-2599
Crystal, Sara, New York, 212-794-3550
Delfiner, Joel S., New York, 212-523-6521
Devi, Gayatri, New York, 212-517-6881
Devinsky, Orrin, New York, 646-962-5250
Ettinger, Alan B., Commack, 631-364-9119
Feuer, Naomi, New York, 212-857-4505
Naomi Feuer, MD
New York, NY // 212-857-4505
Concierge Services Available
French, Jacqueline, New York, 646-558-0868
Friedman, Daniel, New York, 646-558-0800
Galetta, Steven L., New York, 212-263-7744
Gilbert, Rebecca M., New York, 212-562-4141
Goldstein, Martin, New York, 212-606-1082
Grinspan, Zachary, New York, 212-746-3278 ◊
Haut, Sheryl R., Bronx, 718-920-4898
Jacoby, Nuri, Brooklyn, 718-283-7470
Jann, Adelene, New York, 646-754-2000
Kaufmann, Horacio C., New York, 212-263-7225
Kuzniecky, Ruben, New York, 212-434-6400
Lee, Kyusang S., New York, 212-844-8489
Levine, Steven R., Brooklyn, 718-283-7670
Marder, Karen S., New York, 212-305-6939
Mauskop, Alexander, New York, 212-794-3550
Milstein, Mark J., Bronx, 718-920-4930
Molofsky, Walter, New York, 212-844-6910 ◊
Muste, Maria, Eastchester, 914-787-1400
Patterson, Shanna, New York, 212-523-6521
Pavlakis, Steven G., Brooklyn, 708-270-2042 ◊
Pavlovic, Jelena, Bronx, 718-405-8360
Roberts, James Kirkland, New York,
Rosen, Jennifer, White Plains, 914-220-0283
Rosenbaum, Daniel, Brooklyn, 718-270-2051
Douglas C. Schottenstein, MD
NY Spine Medicine
New York, NY // 212-750-1155
Sharinn, Alina, New York, 212-759-5596
Sheikh, Huma, New York, 732-630-0552
Sheinart, Kara F., New York, 212-241-7076
Shin, Susan C., New York, 212-241-1639
Simpson, David, New York, 212-241-8748
Skliut, Maryna, New York, 212-844-8496
Swan, Matthew, New York, 212-844-8888
Wang, Qingliang Tony, Brooklyn, 718-283-7670
Weinberg, Harold J., New York, 212-263-7744
Wolf, Steven, Hawthorne, 914-768-3970 ◊
Yablon, Lisa, New York, 212-794-3550
Rising Stars Honorees
Abrams, Rory, New York, 212-523-6521
Armand, Cynthia E., Bronx, 718-405-8360
Bahou, Edward W., Bronx, 718-920-4930
Bank, Anna Maya, New York, 212-434-6400
Delfiner, Leslie D., Bronx, 718-920-4378 ◊
Graham, Maya, New York, 212-610-0751
Ishida, Koto, New York, 212-263-7744
Lim-Hing, Krista Michelle, Manhasset,
Masters-Israilov, Alina, New York,
Pace, Anna, New York, 212-241-7076
Pan, Peter C., New York, 212-342-0571
Parihar, Raminder K., Bronx, 718-920-5370
Rosengard, Jillian L., Bronx, 718-920-4898
Zakin, Elina, New York, 212-263-7744
Obstetricians focus on the health of women
before, during, and after their childbearing
years; the obstetrician specializes in
diagnosing and treating conditions of
the reproductive system and associated
Allmen, Tara I., New York, 646-784-7252
Anzai, Yuzuru, New York, 212-263-8682
Archibald, Carmit, New York, 212-472-6500
Bacall, Charles, New York, 315-948-8056
Blumberg, Isabel S., New York, 971-492-9200
Boyd, Leslie R., New York, 212-731-6430
Brightman, Rebecca C., New York, 212-348-7800
Brownstein, Ilana L., New York, 212-535-7400
Carlon, Anne T., New York, 212-988-8100
Cheon, Teresa H., New York, 646-292-3030
Chudnoff, Scott G., Brooklyn, 718-283-7979
Comrie, Millicent A., Brooklyn, 718-852-9180
Dunham, Samantha, New York, 212-263-9700
Duperval, Melissa, New York, 212-744-6700
Engelbert, Marc S., New York, 212-348-4100
Evans, Mark I., New York, 212-288-1422
Feit, Lauren M., New York, 212-570-9200
Friedman, Rachel L., New York, 212-889-9590
Gerlach, Kecia, New York, 212-226-5530
Goodstein, Catherine A., New York,
Kent, Joan L., New York, 212-772-2900
Kessler, Alan A., New York, 212-288-1422
Kim, Jin Hee (Jeannie), New York,
Kim, Joyce M., New York, 212-534-0200
Kirsch, Karen, New York, 212-860-4800
Leiter, Gila, New York, 212-860-2600
Manos, Ellen, New York, 212-879-5051
Messenger, Christie L., New York,
Morrone, Lee Ellen, New York, 212-860-4800
Moss, Douglas G., New York, 212-860-2600
Pessolano, Joanna C., Valhalla, 914-594-1000
Romoff, Adam J., New York, 212-744-9300
Russell, Shereen H., New York, 212-570-2222
Santiago-Escalera, Teresita D., Westbury,
Sassoon, Albert K., New York, 212-288-1669
Scarantino, Stephen E., Howard Beach,
Scott-Ram, Renata A., Lake Success,
Seckin, Tamer, New York, 212-988-1444 S-11
Shahim, Abe, New York, 212-744-6700
Shin, Ja Hyun, New York, 212-746-3171
Simone, Adrienne L., New York, 212-243-3033
Sperling, Rhoda, New York, 212-241-7952
Wajnsztajn-Theil, Flavia, New York, 212-744-6700
Worth, Jaqueline M., New York,
212-741-2229 S-24
Wu, Jennifer, New York, 212-744-9300
Yarberry-Allen, Patricia D., New York,
Rising Stars Honorees
Arutyunyan, Marina, New York, 646-290-9560
Arvizo, Cynthia, Long Island City, 212-746-3171
BLUE BOLDFACE indicates a profile on the specified page. ◊ indicates doctor's practice has a pediatric specialty or subspecialty.
Berkin, Jill A., New York, 212-241-6551
Blanton, Emily, New York, 646-290-9560
Chu, Amanda, New York, 212-988-1444 S-11
Davison, Janette Z., New York, 646-290-9560
DiGregorio, Kristin M., New York, 212-452-1370
Faris, Basma, New York, 212-523-4000
Fok, Wing Kay, New York, 646-962-4900
Gavrilman, Zoya, New York, 212-744-6700
Goldstein, Karli, New York,
212-988-1444 S-11
Grant, Alyson M., Great Neck, 516-472-5700
Hirschmann-Levy, Kate, New York,
Lozano, Melissa, New York, 212-844-8500
Mandelberger, Adrienne, Greenlawn,
Mariz, Fernando, New York, 212-378-9985
McDougale, Auja, New York, 212-746-3200
Ravikumar, Sitara, New York, 212-662-6100
Rosen, Leigh D., New York, 212-663-6604
Sheth, Neha Y., New York, 212-597-9555
Uvadyeva, Ella, Mineola, 516-741-4321
Vieira, Luciana, New York, 212-241-6551
Oncology specialists diagnose and treat
cancer and other benign and malignant
tumors. Treatment frequently involves a
combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and
radiation therapy. Depending on the type,
stage and location of a cancer, multiple
oncology specialists may be involved in a
patient's care.
Abramowitz, Avram, Fresh Meadows,
718-460-2300 S-20
Avram Abramowitz, MD
Queens Medical Associates
Fresh Meadows, NY // 718-460-2300
New York Hall of Fame Honoree
Accordino, Melissa K., New York, 212-305-1945
Astrow, Alan, Brooklyn, 929-470-9600
Bayer, Ruthee-Lu, Lake Success, 516-734-8973
Bradley, Thomas P., Lake Success,
* indicates doctor's practice offers cosmetic/reconstructive procedures.
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