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NABP Honors Leaders at the Forefront of Public Health
Protection During 118th
Annual Meeting
The 2022 NABP Leadership Awards were presented to six individuals and a state board of pharmacy at the 118th
Annual Meeting.
The recipients were recognized for their determination and dedication in supporting NABP's continued efforts to assist the state boards
of pharmacy in protecting the public health. More information about each award recipient is available in the press release " NABP
Announces 2022 Leaders at the Forefront of Public Health Protection " in the NABP News section of the Association website.
Access Award Recipients' Acceptance Speeches by Clicking the Red Play Buttons
2022 NABP Carmen A. Catizone Honorary President Award
Diane Halvorson, RPhTech, CPhT-Adv, CSPT
Diane Halvorson
received the
2022 Carmen A.
Catizone Honorary
President Award
in recognition of
her dedication
to NABP's mission and goals, and her
commitment to protecting public health.
Halvorson, a member of the North Dakota
State Board of Pharmacy, served as the Board's
president from 2013 to 2015, and is a pharmacy
technician buyer at Sanford Hospital. In
addition, Halvorson has served on numerous
NABP task forces, addressing issues ranging
from veterinary compounding to pharmacy
technician education. She has also served as a
panelist at several NABP Interactive Member
2022 NABP President's Award
Caroline D. Juran, BSPharm, DPh (Hon)
Caroline D. Juran, 2021-2022 NABP president
and executive director of the Virginia Board
of Pharmacy since 2010, received the 2022
NABP President's Award. Prior to becoming
NABP president, she served one-year terms as
president-elect and treasurer and served a threeyear
member term (District 2) on the NABP
Executive Committee. As NABP president,
Juran led an initiative to provide guidance to
states, the federal government, and the boards of
pharmacy on regulatory oversight processes that
will help mitigate risks in the global drug supply
chain and ensure the safety and integrity of
prescription medications that may be imported
into the United States. An active member of
NABP, Juran has served on numerous task forces
and committees, and as District 2 secretary/
treasurer between 2013 and 2016. She was
deputy executive
director of the
Virginia Board
from 2005 to
2010 and practiced
as a community
pharmacist and longterm
care pharmacist
from 1995 to 2005.
2022 Lester E. Hosto Distinguished Service Award
Mark J. Hardy, PharmD
Receiving the 2022
Lester E. Hosto
Service Award was
Mark J. Hardy
for his strong
commitment to
protecting the public health and his significant
involvement with NABP. Hardy, executive
director of the North Dakota State Board of
Pharmacy since 2014, ensures the public safety
by supervising the licensing of pharmacists,
pharmacies, pharmacy technicians, prescription
drug wholesalers, and manufacturers and
establishing policies and regulations for the
practice of pharmacy. He is also responsible for
the operation of North Dakota's Prescription
Drug Monitoring Program. Under Hardy's
leadership, the Board received the 2020 Fred
T. Mahaffey Award for its support of NABP
PMP InterConnect®
. Since 2014, he has served
as chair of the PMP InterConnect Steering
Committee. He has presented at numerous
NABP Interactive Forums and participated
in Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence
Forums. Halvorson is active in the Northland
Association of Pharmacy Technicians (NAPT)
and has held several positions in NAPT since
joining in 1992. She has also been involved in
the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board
(PTCB). Halvorson has been honored by
NAPT, PTCB, and other organizations with
numerous awards. Halvorson earned a business
degree from Interstate Business College.
item development workshops. He
was also a member of the .Pharmacy Supporter
Advisory Committee from 2014 to 2015,
and has been an active participant in several
additional NABP task forces and committees.


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