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2022 John F. Atkinson Service Award
Ralph A. Orr, MSG, USA, Ret, BS Pub Admin
Ralph A. Orr received the 2022 John F.
Atkinson Service Award for his staunch
and long-time support of NABP PMP
InterConnect. Orr has been program director
of the prescription monitoring program
(PMP) at the Virginia Department of Health
Professions since 2005. Under his leadership,
Virginia was among the first states to share
data via PMP InterConnect, which launched
in 2011. Orr also served as chair of the PMP
InterConnect Steering Committee from 2011
to 2013 and continues to lead and participate
in various subcommittees. He has represented
NABP at meetings with federal agencies, was
a speaker at the 112th
NABP Annual Meeting,
and has served on NABP task forces examining
PMP-related topics. Orr was a pharmacy
technician in the US Army from 1979 to
2001, master sergeant from 2000 to 2001,
and received several honors while in the Army.
In 2000, he was
inducted into the
Order of Military
Medical Merit
for extraordinary
contributions to
the Army Medical
2022 Henry Cade Memorial Award
Mary and Ed Ternan
Mary and Ed
Ternan, founders
of the nonprofit
charity, Song for
Charlie (www
.org), received
the 2022 Henry Cade Memorial Award for
their work with NABP on the mission to
help educate consumers about the dangers
of buying medicine from unlicensed online
pharmacies and through social media. As part
of the Association's 2021 consumer awareness
campaign, the Ternans shared the story of their
son, Charlie, who died in 2020 after taking
a fake prescription pill made with fentanyl
that he purchased through social media.
The campaign included television and radio
public service announcements that were sent
to broadcast stations around the country,
used in various digital advertising campaigns
throughout the year, and available on NABP's
YouTube channel. In addition, 2021-2022
NABP President Caroline D. Juran and Ed
Ternan spoke to more than 20 television,
radio, and web channels, with interviews that
were aired live or taped for later broadcast.
Ed Ternan's professional background includes
marketing communications, product
development, and project management. Mary
Ternan is a gerontologist who retired from
her position at her local Catholic parish in
September 2021, after 30 years of service.
2022 Fred T. Mahaffey Award
Iowa Board of Pharmacy
The Iowa Board of Pharmacy received
the 2022 Fred T. Mahaffey Award for its
contributions to the regulation of practice
of pharmacy. Specifically, the Board updated
its rules pertaining to the accreditation and
inspection of wholesale drug distributors,
third-party logistics providers, and others
involved in the distribution of drugs and
devices who do not meet the definition of
a wholesale distributor under federal or
state laws. In addition, the Board adopted
final rulemaking to rescind tech-check-tech
programs and instead adopt the technologyassisted
technician product verification (TPV)
programs. Under the new rules, a pharmacy
may establish a TPV program to redirect
pharmacist collaborative practice, statewide
protocols, and immunizations. The Board
also amended telepharmacy rules to allow the
pharmacist-in-charge (PIC) of a managing
pharmacy to designate another pharmacist to
serve as PIC of a telepharmacy site, as well as
requirements for
the pharmacist's
and licensure,
and training
for technicians.
the award on
the Board's
behalf was Dane Nealson, CPhT,
member of the Board.
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