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Fellow Members,
For the first time in two years, NABP hosted
its Annual Meeting in person. Over 390
attendees gathered in Phoenix, AZ, for this
dynamic and energized 118th
NABP Annual
Meeting. Attendees represented the active
member boards of pharmacy, associate
member boards, government agencies, and
other key stakeholders. What a privilege
it was to collaborate and work with such
innovative and resilient colleagues.
In the face of the coronavirus disease 2019
Caroline D. Juran,
BSPharm, DPh (Hon)
NABP Chairperson
(COVID-19) pandemic, we have achieved so
much together to protect public health. And,
it was rewarding to see attendees working
together in person to embrace the Annual
Meeting's theme of " Expanding Our Vision
to Advance Public Health Protection, " while
also shaping NABP's direction.
Attendees participated in important
business proceedings, attended continuing
pharmacy education activities, and
networked with peers. During the business
sessions, we were also able to honor, in
person, the recipients of the 2020 and 2021
Annual NABP Leadership Awards, and to
celebrate this year's recipients at a special
luncheon held in their honor. We also had
the great privilege to hear from Dr Jerome
Adams, who shared his experiences serving
as our nation's 20th
surgeon general. I found
his talk both informative and inspirational,
and in speaking with many of you at the
meeting, I heard similar remarks.
Boards of pharmacy delegates also elected
officers and members to the NABP Executive
Committee during the business sessions.
The membership also voted to adopt seven
resolutions and reviewed two constitutional
amendments, which will be voted on at next
year's Annual Meeting.
NABP Executive Committee officers
provided updates on the Association's
programs and services, and an overview
of the Association's accomplishments.
2021-2022 NABP Executive Committee
Chairperson Timothy D. Fensky,
RPh, DPh, FACA, discussed how the
Association has been combating the
opioid epidemic: focusing on efforts to
increase access to treatment for patients
with opioid use disorder, calling for the
passage of the Mainstreaming Addiction
Treatment Act, launching the Opioid
Regulatory Collaborative with other state
board associations, and supporting state
prescription drug monitoring programs.
2021-2022 NABP Treasurer Lenora S.
Newsome, PD, delivered an overview of the
Association's strong fiscal condition and how
it affects the state boards of pharmacy.
Incoming NABP President Reginald B.
" Reggie " Dilliard, DPh, announced his
presidential initiative, which will be to
facilitate a new pharmacy practice model
that promotes and enhances patient safety.
And I had the privilege of sharing an
update on my presidential initiative, which
focused on prescription drug importation.
My goal has been to provide guidance to
states, the federal government, and boards
of pharmacy on regulatory oversight
processes to help mitigate risks to the
global supply chain and ensure the safety
and integrity of prescription medicines
that may be imported into the country.
With your support, we made great
progress in this area, and I look forward to
continuing this journey with all of you.
These last few years have certainly been
challenging, but I know we are ready
to rise to any occasion, and I accept the
opportunity to expand our vision into the
future, working together.
Caroline D. Juran, BSPharm, DPh (Hon)
NABP Chairperson


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