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NABP Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation Earns
Optum Rx Network Recognition
process, which were found to meet
or exceed Optum Rx requirements of
accreditations accepted for its Specialty
Pharmacy Network participation.
" This recognition enriches NABP's robust
NABP's Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation
has earned recognition from Optum
Rx's Specialty Pharmacy Network. The
recognition deems NABP as an approved
accrediting organization for pharmacies
seeking specialty accreditation to qualify for
participation in the Optum Rx Specialty
Pharmacy Network.
NABP's Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation
recognizes a pharmacy organization for
providing an advanced level of pharmacy
services and disease management for
patients taking medications with special
handling, storage, and distribution
requirements. The accreditation requires
pharmacies to demonstrate compliance with
a comprehensive set of practice standards
and evaluates the pharmacy in practice areas
that include patient management, quality
management, and regulatory compliance.
During the Optum Rx approval process,
NABP's Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation
underwent a thorough review of its
program standards and accreditation
portfolio of accreditation and inspection
services and enables NABP to provide
Optum Rx network members with a broad
set of compliance services valued by specialty
pharmacies today, " said NABP Executive
Director/Secretary Lemrey " Al " Carter,
PharmD, MS, RPh. " We look forward
to additional pharmacies earning NABP
Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation and being
recognized for the invaluable services they
provide to patients relying on specialty
pharmacy care services. "
The Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation
is the fourth NABP accreditation to be
utilized by Optum Rx, joining NABP
Digital Pharmacy Accreditation, NABP
Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation,
and NABP Drug Distributor Accreditation.
Information about all of NABP's
accreditation and inspection programs can
be found in the Programs section on the
NABP website.
e-LTP Fee Adjustments Implemented for 2022
NABP will be implementing a fee adjustment to the Electronic Licensure Transfer ProgramĀ®
) in order to continue to
protect the integrity of its licensure transfer programs. The last time e-LTP fees were adjusted was in 2014. The new e-LTP fees
will begin June 1, 2022, and will be adjusted as follows:
* e-LTP initial state fee will increase from $375 to $400
* Additional state fees will increase from $75 to $100
NABP will work with boards to continue to enhance the e-LTP process. Providing uniform reciprocity standards for
pharmacists wishing to obtain licensure in additional states, e-LTP has long supported member boards of pharmacy to assist in
their licensure decision-making processes.
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