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Friday, May 20
DSCSA Update - What Do Regulators
and Pharmacies Really Need to Know?
ACPE UANs: 0205-0000-22-004-L03-P/T
(0.15 CEU - 1.5 contact hours)
8:45-10:15 AM
Although November 2023 appears to be
off in the distant future, there is much
for the pharmacy community to do to
prepare for the implementation of the
Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA),
specifically the requirements for product
tracing for regulators and dispensers (such
as pharmacies). Attendees will be updated
on the NABP DSCSA pilot project and
what we have learned as to what needs to be
accomplished in the time remaining before
implementation. A moderated panel will
then discuss what regulators and pharmacies
really need to know about DSCSA and how
to best prepare for the future.
Saturday, May 21
Educational Poster Session: Sharing
Our Vision to Advance Public Health
ACPE UANs: 0205-0000-22-005-L04-P/T
(0.1 CEU - 1 contact hour)
8-10 AM
Providing the opportunity to interact with
presenters and fellow attendees, the annual
Educational Poster Session also offers an
opportunity to earn CPE credit. Board
of pharmacy and school and college of
pharmacy representatives will present various
poster displays related to sharing their vision
to advance pharmacy practices in furtherance
of protecting the public health. CPE is
earned through interactive question and
answer participation with presenters and by
passing a post-session test.
Submit Official
Voting Delegate
by April 19
Important Deadlines
* Voting Delegate Submissions
Due April 19, 2022
In order to vote during the Final Business
Session and qualify for the Annual Meeting
travel grant, active member state boards of
pharmacy must submit their signed Official
Delegate Certificates by April 19, 2022.
* Chief administrative officers of the
boards may submit the completed and
signed Official Delegate Certificate
to NABP Executive Office via mail to
NABP Headquarters or via email to
* Only current board of pharmacy
members or chief administrative
officers qualify to serve as delegates
or alternate delegates.
* Only one individual may serve as the
official voting delegate; however, there is
no limit on how many individuals may
serve as alternate delegates.
For more information, contact
APRIL 2022 | 13
* Early Annual Meeting Registration Rate
Ends April 22, 2022
* Early Hotel Reservation Rate
Ends April 28, 2022
* Refundable Annual Meeting Registration
Ends April 29, 2022
* Proposed Resolutions Must Be Submitted to
Be Considered at the Annual Meeting
Due April 29, 2022
* Annual Meeting Registration
Closes May 9, 2022


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