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California Requires
Mandatory e-Prescribing
California licensed health care practitioners
with prescribing authority are now
required to adhere to the state's mandatory
e-prescribing law, which was established by
Assembly Bill 2789. The bill requires that
most prescriptions issued by a licensed health
care practitioner to a California pharmacy
must be submitted electronically.
Iowa PMP Continues to Support
Naloxone and Disposal Solution
Dispensing Programs
The Iowa Prescription Monitoring Program
(PMP) continues to support Iowa pharmacies
interested in the naloxone and disposal
solution programs. All Iowa adult patients (18
years of age and older) are eligible to receive
at no cost ($0 co-pay), and Iowa
community pharmacies are reimbursed the
cost of the product plus a $20 dispensing fee
for patient education and counseling.
In July 2021, the Iowa PMP also began
sponsoring a disposal solution program.
Similar to the naloxone program, all Iowa
patients (regardless of age) are eligible to receive
16 | APRIL 2022
Most articles published in State Board News are selected
from the newsletters of state boards that participate in
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a disposal kit at no cost ($0 co-pay). Iowa
community pharmacies will be reimbursed
a $7.50 dispensing fee to cover the cost of
the disposal product and provide patient
education and counseling.
More information is available in the
Board's December 2021 Newsletter.
Missouri to Allow
Pharmacists to Dispense HIV
Post-Exposure Prophylaxis
New legislation in Missouri now allows
pharmacists to dispense HIV post-exposure
prophylaxis (PEP) pursuant to protocol
with a Missouri-licensed physician. The
statute, 338.730, also requires the Missouri
Board of Pharmacy and the Missouri
Board of Registration for the Healing Arts
to jointly promulgate rules to implement
the provision. Until the final rule has been
promulgated, pharmacists cannot dispense
New Mexico Updates Rules
Related to Insurance Coverage for
Prescription Contraceptive Drugs
and Devices
The New Mexico Legislature added a
section to the Health Care Purchasing
Act related to coverage for contraception.
The law includes requirements for thirdparty
payers regarding reimbursement for
contraceptive drugs and devices.
The new language can be found in
the New Mexico Board of Pharmacy's
December 2021 Newsletter.


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