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NABP Accreditation,
Implementation of the DSCSA Is
the Key to Supply Chain Safety
Counterfeit medications continue to
threaten the safety of the United States
supply chain, as detailed in an article
published by HIVat40. For example,
counterfeit versions of HIV medications
made their way into the supply chain in
2021. In an August 2021 statement, Gilead
Sciences announced that two of its HIV
medications have been tampered with and
made into counterfeit versions. Pharmacy
regulators and stakeholders, including
NABP, are hopeful that full adoption of the
Drug Supply Chain Security Act's (DSCSA's)
track-and-trace requirements will help
further combat similar threats. The article
also cites NABP accreditation as a key to
supporting supply chain safety. Learn more
by visiting
House Releases Model Act for
Expanded Access to Emergency Opioid
The White House published a state model
law for the expansion of evidence-based
services to address opioid overdoses.
The Legislative Analysis and Public Policy
Association developed the Model Expanded
Access to Emergency Opioid Antagonists
Act with a grant from the Office of National
Drug Control Policy. The model law
language is intended to help states provide
consistency across the country for laws
supporting increased access to naloxone.
The full press release can be found by
Alert Includes Measures for
Avoiding Vaccine Mix-Ups
A new alert, Mix-ups between the influenza
(flu) vaccine and COVID-19 vaccines,
explains cases of vaccine mix-ups and
possible causes. This National Alert Network
(NAN) message is based on data from the
National Medication Errors Reporting
Program operated by the Institute for Safe
Medication Practices. The alert includes
preventative measures to avoid these kinds of
mix-ups, such as scheduling appointments,
making sure enough staff is available, and
only bringing one intended vaccine for the
patient into the vaccination area. Read the
full alert at
PTCB Launches Medication
Therapy Management Certificate
The Pharmacy Technician Certification
Board (PTCB) announced the launch of
the Medication Therapy Management
(MTM) Certificate for pharmacy
technicians to further advance patient
safety. With more than half of Americans
taking prescription drugs, and on average
taking four medications at once, patients
have an increased risk of medication
mismanagement. However, PTCB notes
that pharmacy technicians can play a
crucial role in improving patient safety
and medication adherence by supporting
correct use and management of medication.
PTCB's new MTM Certificate promotes the
organization's mission to improve patient
safety and recognizes the necessary support
services provided by pharmacy technicians as
valued members of the patient care team.
New DEA Guide Helps to Decode
Common Emojis Used in Illegal
Drug Activities
As part of the agency's " One Pill Can
Kill " campaign, Drug Enforcement
Administration (DEA) has released a new
guide to give parents, caregivers, educators,
and others a better sense of how emojis are
being used in conjunction with illegal drug
activities. The Emoji Drug Code guide
provides common examples of emojis found
in DEA investigations. Drug trafficking
organizations use these emojis to buy and
sell counterfeit pills and other illicit drugs
on social media and through e-commerce.
View the emoji drug coder and learn more
by visiting
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