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Fellow Members,
Timothy D. Fensky,
NABP Chairperson
It is no secret that under the strain created
by the COVID-19 pandemic, many
pharmacies have been struggling to keep
up with the increased demand for services.
This has been further complicated by a
shortage of workers at every level. NABP
has long been aware of issues and concerns
related to pharmacy working conditions. In
fact, advancing workplace safety and wellbeing
were among the topics discussed at
the Interactive Member Forum in January
2022. Anecdotal reports about stressful,
potentially dangerous situations and
unreasonably long hours have been reported
for years. This issue of Innovations includes
information about two resources that
NABP has been working on that may help
some states address these issues.
The first of these resources is the
Well-Being Index for Pharmacy Personnel
reports, which was developed by the Mayo
Clinic and made available to boards by
NABP in collaboration with the American
Pharmacists Association (APhA). This
assessment tool is designed to determine
levels of distress for pharmacy staff, including
pharmacists, student pharmacists, and
pharmacy technicians. Pharmacies that
utilize it can do so on an ongoing basis, or
as needed. Once an individual assessment is
completed, resources developed by the Mayo
Clinic, APhA, and other well-being or mental
health groups are provided, when appropriate.
More information on this tool is provided
beginning on page 10. In addition, aggregated
respondent data are available to member
boards in the form of PowerPoint reports that
compile state data by NABP district.
I am also excited to provide our members
with details about a new program called
NABP Verify. This service has been developed
using the NABP Emergency Passport
Program as the foundation. Details about
how the program works and the benefits
to participating states begin on page 6, but
the short version is that participating states
will be able to determine whether and how
individuals with an NABP Verify credential
will be allowed to practice pharmacy in their
state. Our goal is to provide more flexibility
to states and, where appropriate, to enable
business models that may be able to help
alleviate current worker shortages while
ensuring that patients receive the highest
quality of care, and that the public health
remains protected.
Pharmacy services continue to be an
essential part of our health care system, and
NABP remains committed to ensuring that
our member boards have the resources needed
to effectively regulate them. We are also
committed to doing what we can to ensure
that being a pharmacist remains a safe and
rewarding career for those who are qualified.
This issue also marks the first time we
have offered a digital version of Innovations.
The digital version of Innovations will be
available in addition to the print version of
the newsletter you are familiar with, and
will often include additional content such
as articles, resources, and multimedia. With
the digital issue launching for April, it also
marks the two-year anniversary of the most
recent design enhancements to Innovations.
NABP works to continually align Innovations
and the Association's other publications to
best serve the needs of our member boards.
We believe the enhanced experience provided
by the new digital issues represents an
important step toward meeting that goal.
Timothy D. Fensky, RPh, DPh, FACA
NABP Chairperson
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