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Based on the success of the NABP Emergency Passport Program,
NABP is launching a new license monitoring service, NABP Verify. It
is designed to support existing and emerging license verification needs
for its member boards of pharmacy. The first NABP Verify applications
will become available for out-of-state pharmacists seeking to practice
according to newly revised Remote Medication Order Entry rules in
North Carolina on April 4, 2022. Maintaining that all licensure and
practice decisions continue to be at the discretion of the boards of
pharmacy, the Association intends NABP Verify to create additional
flexibility for the boards. In addition, it is hoped that NABP Verify
will alleviate some of the pressure felt by many pharmacies across the
United States to adapt to increased demand for pharmacy services
- demand that was compounded by the coronavirus disease 2019
(COVID-19) pandemic.
NABP Emergency Passport Program Lays Groundwork
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many states issued
emergency orders that included the temporary suspension of certain
regulations to make it easier to provide health care services to those
who needed it. Some executive orders also permitted out-of-state
licensed pharmacists, pharmacy interns, and certified pharmacy
technicians to engage in various aspects of pharmacy practice under
the condition that the licenses they held in their home states were
verified to be in good standing. This was the basis for the NABP
Emergency Passport Program, which has been utilized by many states
during various stages of the pandemic.
The NABP Verify program is built on the success of the
Emergency Passport Program, which significantly reduced board of
pharmacy workload and administrative burdens during the public
health emergency presented by COVID-19. It has also served
to support boards in granting temporary licenses during other
emergency disasters, such as hurricane responses.
How NABP Verify Works
NABP Verify works by providing a mechanism for NABP to confirm
that a pharmacist's license or licenses are in good standing. To be
eligible, a pharmacist must hold at least one active, unconditional
license in good standing from a US board of pharmacy.
Applicants are not eligible if any of the following circumstances apply:
* Applicant holds an active license that has been suspended or
sanctioned (ie, probation, suspension, revocation, or surrender); or
* Applicant holds an expired, inactive, or non-renewed license
that is associated with an unresolved disciplinary sanction.
Once verified, the applicant's license(s) are monitored by NABP
to ensure that they remain in good standing.
Pharmacists who participate in the program will pay an annual
$50 fee for the ongoing monitoring and verification services.
In addition, they will receive a " digital badge " that will enable
them to easily share their NABP Verify state credential(s) on their
social media profiles or job search sites, thereby allowing relevant
stakeholders to verify their credential(s).
Before a subscription expires, those who hold a Verify credential
will be prompted to renew their NABP Verify subscription. If the
credential holder fails to renew by the expiration date, the status of all
the state credential(s) will be changed to " closed " and all participating
states will be notified.
As always, licensure and practice decisions will remain at the
sole discretion of the boards of pharmacy. NABP Verify is not an
authorization for a pharmacist to practice in a participating state.
The practice authority will be defined by state statutes, regulations, or
policies that can reference the credential as a requirement to practice
in the manner determined by that state. Boards of pharmacy may have
additional steps that licensees must take with the board once they are
deemed an NABP Verified Pharmacist and receive their state credential.
Boards of pharmacy that choose to participate in NABP Verify will sign
a memorandum of understanding that specifies the responsibilities of
NABP and the boards.
The North Carolina Board of Pharmacy revised its rules regarding
remote medication order entry processing to include the NABP Verify
program. The North Carolina Board is the first to sign the MOU and
begin using the program. As more states are added, pharmacists can log
in to their e-Profile and apply for additional states to be added to their
subscription at any time for no additional fee.
NABP Verify Provides a New Resource for Monitoring
Nonresident Pharmacists
The NABP Verify program can provide additional insight and oversight
of out-of-state pharmacists who practice using an interstate model. This
new program is meant to decrease administrative burdens for boards of
pharmacy, while also maintaining (and possibly increasing) patient safety
through ongoing monitoring for discipline and licensure status.
NABP Verify can assist boards in tracking the status of out-of-state
license holders who practice in their jurisdiction. Participating boards
will be notified via e-Profile Connect of any changes to the credential
holder's licensure status. This includes when they have been issued the
credential, and when they no longer meet the program requirements.
States may direct NABP to remove an NABP Verify credential
holder from active status in the state if the credential holder failed to
comply with state or federal laws or rules applicable to the practice of
pharmacy in the state.
Participating member boards will be able to view active and
inactive NABP Verify credential holders for all states in the program.
In addition to offering many benefits to NABP member boards,
the new program also provides advantages for other stakeholders. For
industry, the monitoring service can enable interstate digital practice
models and support employers' compliance needs. Pharmacists will
see value in NABP Verify as a credentialing service that provides new
opportunities to practice in additional states and provides them with a
digital badge that they can easily share with employers and regulators.
Where NABP Verify is an ongoing license monitoring service, the
NABP Emergency Passport Program will continue to be available to
support short-term emergency responses for member boards upon request.
Member boards of pharmacy who are interested in learning more
about how the program may be used in their state can contact NABP
Accreditation and Government Affairs at GovernmentAffairs@nabp
.pharmacy. Pharmacists interested in applying for the NABP Verify
credential can find out more information in the Programs section
of the NABP website.
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