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Help Ensure That Your State's MPJE Is Up to Date: Item
Reviewers May Sign Up Now for the MPJE State-Specific Review
The annual Multistate Pharmacy
Jurisprudence Examination®
State-Specific Review and new item selection
will take place September 7-8, 2022. State
board participation is critical to ensure that
the MPJE maintains the highest validity
standards with the most up-to-date and
defensible items. Currently, 48 boards
utilize the MPJE, and they are asked to
review their item pools at least once per
year in a State-Specific Review meeting to
determine the appropriateness of items on
the MPJE for candidates seeking licensure.
NABP requests that all MPJE-participating
jurisdictions schedule time and resources to
complete this important set of tasks. Board
executive officers should assign a sufficient
number of board members and/or staff
to complete these tasks and communicate
the participants' names to NABP.
In-Person and Remote
Review Options
Designated reviewers for each board have
the option to participate in person at NABP
Headquarters in Mount Prospect, IL, or
remotely. NABP will reimburse travel
expenses (travel, food, lodging) for up to two
participants from each jurisdiction to attend
the review in person at NABP Headquarters.
Space is limited for this option, and NABP
may need to limit attendance to one
participant per jurisdiction if responses
exceed space and resource limitations.
For remote reviewers, the item pools will
be available on a password-protected, secure
website. NABP encourages all designated
remote reviewers to schedule specific days
and times to complete the review, just as if
they were traveling to NABP Headquarters.
All participants must sign conflict of
interest and confidentiality agreements
prior to participating in the review. Once
participant names have been submitted to
NABP, an email will be sent to all participants
with a link to encrypted and secure conflict
of interest and confidentiality agreement
documents within Adobe Acrobat Sign.
12 | JUNE/JULY 2022
During the MPJE State-Specific Review,
the responsibility of each board is to:
* select new items to be pre-tested,
which may become scored items
in the future, and
* review their current operational
item pool to confirm that the
content is still valid.
New federal- and state-specific items
to test the pharmacy jurisprudence
knowledge of candidates seeking licensure
were developed by board of pharmacydesignated
item writers during the MPJE
Item Development Workshop held
March 9-11, 2022.
In addition to ensuring that items are
appropriate for their state or jurisdiction,
board reviewers should work with NABP
staff to identify any items that may be
affected by recent or upcoming statute
or rule changes.
Throughout the year, a representative
from each board of pharmacy should notify
NABP as soon as a change in statute or
rule may render an exam item obsolete.
NABP will immediately remove the
obsolete item(s), so that within 24 hours,
the obsolete item(s) would no longer
appear on candidates' exams. Contact with any requests or
questions any time throughout the year.
State board participation
is critical to ensure that
the MPJE maintains the
highest validity standards
with the most up-to-date
and defensible items.


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