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Join 10 States Using NABP's Exam Eligibility
Service to Streamline Board Processes and Reduce
Administrative Burden
Candidate applies
for NAPLEX or
MPJE in e-Profile
Candidate submits
eligibility fee with
exam application
Intended to reduce the administrative
burden for board of pharmacy staff, the
exam eligibility service allows NABP
to confirm candidates' eligibility to
take the North American Pharmacist
Licensure Examination®
and Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence
As part of this process, NABP staff
* verifies each candidate's education;
* ensures that there have been
no disciplinary actions taken
against the candidate; and
* verifies that the candidate meets their
respective state's requirements.
In addition, NABP processes candidates'
requests for test accommodations under
the Americans with Disabilities Act.
NABP verifies if the
candidate meets state
requirements to test
Once a candidate is verified, NABP
staff indicates in e-Profile Connect
whether a candidate is eligible. Qualified
candidates can then schedule their exam.
Although NABP handles the eligibility
process, board staff can adjust a candidate's
eligibility period as needed, including
accessing a candidate's school or college of
pharmacy transcript using e-Profile Connect.
NABP confirms or
denies eligibility to take
NABP has recently expanded its
exam eligibility service to include two
additional member boards - Arizona
and North Carolina. Arizona and North
Carolina join the following eight boards
in utilizing this service: Colorado,
Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Nebraska,
Oregon, Rhode Island, and Utah.
State boards interested in utilizing this service may contact
the Member Relations and Government Affairs department
via email at
for more information.
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