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DEA Will Now Grant Exceptions
to Dispense MAT
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
announced its continued commitment to
expanding access to medication-assisted
treatment (MAT) to help those suffering
from opioid-related substance use disorder
(SUD). Practitioners working in hospitals,
clinics, and emergency rooms are now able
to request an exception allowing them to
dispense a three-day supply of MATs, including
buprenorphine and methadone, to treat
patients experiencing acute opioid withdrawal
symptoms. DEA, in partnership with the
United States Department of Health and
Human Services (HHS), is engaging in regular
outreach with pharmacists and practitioners
to express support for the use of MAT for
those suffering from opioid-related SUD.
Former NABP President Timothy D.
Fensky, RPh, DPh, FACA, made increasing
access to MAT the focus of his presidential
initiative in 2020-2021. NABP has resources
for preventing prescription misuse and
overdoses on its consumer website,
Final Guidance Issued on
Animal Drug Compounding
From Bulk Sources
Food and Drug Administration has issued a
final guidance, Compounding Animal Drugs
from Bulk Drug Substances, that will help
protect animal health by recognizing the need
for veterinarians and pharmacists to have access
to certain compounded animal drugs. The
guidance describes the agency's approach to
situations where veterinarians use unapproved
compounded drugs to provide appropriate
care for the medical needs of the diverse species
they treat. More information on animal drug
compounding can be found at
Study: Many Youth Overdosing
on Pills Had a Prescription
Young patients (15-24 years old) with
intentional overdoses involving benzodiazepines
(BZDs) or stimulants were more likely to
have recent prescriptions, according to a
study published in Pediatrics. The researchers
identified 2,986 youth with an overdose
involving BZDs and 971 who experienced an
overdose involving stimulants (amphetamine
or methylphenidate). Fifty-one percent
of youth with intentional BZD overdoses
(51% vs 30%), and 56% of those with an
intentional stimulant overdose (56% vs 28%)
had a recent prescription. More information
can be found at the American Academy
of Pediatrics website at https://publications.
Finds Patients Prefer
In-Person Visits to Telehealth
Given the choice, Americans still prefer inperson
visits to telehealth appointments for
nonemergency health care needs, although
they like having the option to use telehealth
technology, according to a survey. Remote
video appointments increased in popularity
at the beginning of the coronavirus disease
2019 pandemic. However, 63.6% of surveyed
patients said their preference for video visits
after the pandemic was " none " or " a little, "
while 61% rated their willingness to use
telehealth visits in the future as a four or five on
a scale of one to five, if costs were not a factor.
The study authors concluded that patients
like telehealth visits in some circumstances,
such as for minor acute conditions, but may
not perceive it as having the same value as
in-person visits. The study can be found at the
JAMA Network Open site at
CDC Releases New Guidelines
to Connect OUD Patients
With Treatment
The Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC) released a new technical
package, Linking People with Opioid Use
Disorder to Medication Treatment: A Technical
Package of Policy, Programs, and Practices,
which includes evidence-based strategies to
respond to opioid use disorder (OUD) and
overdoses. Medical professionals, policymakers,
and local leaders can utilize this document to
develop and implement effective OUD care
in several settings and provide patients with
MATs, such as methadone and buprenorphine.
More information on the guidance can be
found on CDC's website at
'Operation Engage' Initiative to
Reduce Drug Abuse in Second Year
DEA launched its second year of " Operation
Engage, " a comprehensive initiative aimed
at reducing drug use and overdoses through
evidence-based prevention strategies and
community outreach. Each DEA field division
is encouraged to identify its jurisdiction's
primary drug threat and collaborate with
health care professionals and community
organizations to implement local solutions,
provide long-term support, and build drugfree
communities. The 2022 Operation
Engage targets are Albuquerque, NM; Baton
Rouge, LA; Broward County, FL; Kalamazoo,
MI; Kansas City, MO; Manchester, NH;
Philadelphia, PA; Richmond, VA; Southern
California; Spokane, WA; and Yavapai County,
AZ. More information can be found at
HHS Increases Funding for
Substance Use Treatment
Programs, MAT
HHS, through the Substance Abuse and
Mental Health Services Administration, is
announcing two new grant programs totaling
$25.6 million that will expand access to
MAT for OUD and prevent the misuse of
prescription drugs: the Strategic Prevention
Framework for Prescription Drugs program
and the Medication-Assisted Treatment -
Prescription Drug and Opioid Addiction
program. The funding reflects the priorities
of HHS' Overdose Prevention Strategy, as
well as the Biden Administration's initiative to
strengthen the nation's mental health and crisis
care systems. More information can be found
on HHS' website by visiting
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