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he breadth of services NABP offers is wider than
Currently, NABP is working with board of pharmacy
many members know, expanding far beyond the
Association's old image as " the pharmacist exam people. "
Since 1904, NABP has existed to support the member
boards of pharmacy, beginning with the development of
a uniform licensure examination and licensure transfer program.
Nearly 120 years later, NABP supports member boards, protects
patient health, and promotes prescription drug safety through an
array of online services, including access to examination results,
pharmacist licensure transfer and verification services, access to
business e-Profile data, inspection reports, facility accreditation
information, and more. In addition, NABP's Member Relations
and Government Affairs (MRGA) staff are available to help
boards determine which NABP programs and services fit their
needs, and to offer customized guidance and implementation
support. To make it easier for boards to access information on
these services, the Members section of the NABP website has
recently been reorganized. See the sidebar for details.
Licensee Verification, Data Sharing, and
Inspection Services Remain Top Priorities
A major priority for the Association continues to be supporting
boards in their ability to verify licensee information and in
sharing data with partner boards of pharmacy. Most recently, this
has been in the form of NABP Verify, a new license monitoring
service launched in April 2022. As detailed in the April 2022
issue of Innovations, NABP Verify was built on the success of
the NABP Emergency Passport Program to provide a resource
for participating boards of pharmacy to monitor nonresident
pharmacists, confirming that their licenses are in good standing
and informing boards if and when that status changes.
Through the Emergency Passport Program, NABP has
found that roughly 8% of applicants were denied due to past
disciplinary action. NABP Verify helps to ensure that boards are
aware of these issues and has objective information for licensing
decisions. It is important to note that the state-specific credentials
provided by NABP Verify is not an authorization to practice.
Participating states determine how they will recognize the
credential, and will typically do so via state statutes or regulations
that reference this credential as a requirement to practice.
In part because they help support projects like NABP
Verify, other major priorities for the Association are enabling
synchronous exchange of accurate licensee data and enabling
automated tools. Through such services, member boards that
elect to share data with NABP receive a variety of benefits,
including a reduced need to manually input transcripts and
verify education, review examination eligibility, and search
individual continuing pharmacy education (CPE)reports.
Participating member boards also benefit from more accurate
licensee data (including disciplinary information reported
by other boards to NABP), decreased processing time for
examination eligibility and licensure transfer applications, and
more efficient use of the board staff's time and resources.
software vendors on updates that can support the integration
of data exchange with NABP using a state's existing software
platforms. More information on this option is forthcoming.
In the meantime, boards can benefit from the use of
NABP's application programming interfaces (APIs) to help
facilitate automated exchange of disciplinary, examination,
and CPE data between the boards of pharmacy and NABP.
Specifically, APIs allow for verification of NABP e-Profile data,
significantly reducing the time needed for boards to process
licenses and decreasing data inconsistencies and errors.
The key to exchanging data with NABP is incorporation
of the NABP e-Profile ID in participating boards' databases.
E-Profile IDs are the shared, unique identifiers that ensure
correct matching of information to licensees or licensure
candidates. To learn more about how data sharing benefits the
boards of pharmacy, see the August 2021 issue of Innovations.
Another major focus continues to be the enhancement of
NABP's inspection and accreditation services, including the recent
requirement changes for the Verified Pharmacy ProgramĀ®
Supply Chain Inspection accreditations. NABP staff continually
evaluates industry trends and safety needs to ensure that
accreditation standards and requirements are serving the boards'
shared mission with NABP to protect the public health.
In addition, state inspectors have benefited from access to
the Multistate Pharmacy Inspection Blueprint Program. The
Inspection Blueprint continues to serve as a living document
that provides a minimum set of criteria for pharmacy inspections
based on current United States Pharmacopeia standards. This
provides boards with the tools they need to inspect resident sterile
compounding pharmacies that ship across state lines, including a
consistent set of inspection criteria, a universal inspection form,
and compounding inspection training provided for state inspectors.
Community Pharmacy Accreditation
Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation
Home Infusion Therapy Pharmacy Accreditation
Digital Pharmacy Accreditation
Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation
DMEPOS Pharmacy Accreditation
Verified Pharmacy ProgramĀ®
.Pharmacy Verified Websites Program
OTC Medical Device Distributor Accreditation
Drug Distributor Accreditation
Supply Chain Inspection
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