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Tony King, PharmD, RPh
Member, Montana Board of Pharmacy
When were you appointed to the
Board of Pharmacy?
I was appointed to the Montana Board of
Pharmacy in 2016 as a pharmacist member
and reappointed in 2021.
Montana Board
of Pharmacy
Number of Board
4 pharmacist members,
2 public members, and
1 pharmacy technician
member (certified, with
five years of consecutive
practice immediately
prior to appointment)
Number of
Rules & Regulations
Established by
Board of Pharmacy
Number of
Pharmacist Licensees
Number of
Number of
97 (in-state)
What steps should a board
member take to be successful?
A board member must be active in their
profession and prepared for and engaged in
board meetings. Many times, there are topics
or agenda items that fall outside your expertise
and being active in the profession allows you
to expand your network for resources you
may need. Additionally, in order for meetings
to be efficient and productive, everyone needs
to be prepared and come with questions and
potential solutions. Lastly, working closely
with the executive officer and staff ensures
good communication all around.
What are some recent policies,
legislation, or regulations your
Board has implemented?
We are still trying to unravel the dynamics
the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)
pandemic has brought to our profession.
While this was an opportunity to show how
pharmacists can act in the best interest of the
public, balancing the federal and state statutes
and rules caused some concern. The Montana
Board of Pharmacy took the opportunity
to evaluate the need for the pharmacist-totechnician
ratio, as well as allowing other
licensed professionals (mostly nursing
professionals) to assist in immunization
clinics while under a pharmacist's authority.
The most recent legislative session allowed
for prescribing practitioners to dispense
medications directly to patients, with the
exception of controlled substances. Per the
statute, the prescribing practitioner must
follow the same rules and statutes as a
pharmacist, and the Board needed to create
rules outlining that practice. While not
without controversy, the Board did work
on those rules to be in line with the statute
and is looking forward to monitoring the
uptake of that practice in our state.
10 | MAY 2022
Has the Board encountered
any challenges to these new
While we did enact an emergency rule
to help pharmacists vaccinating against
COVID-19 and other diseases, it was
only temporary. During the emergency
rule timeline, the Board started working
to make the changes permanent, but that
process takes time. The rule changes must
be noticed to the public, a comment hearing
must take place, written comments received,
and then the Board must meet and review
the comments. Each step takes time, so the
overall process can take several months.
What advice would you give to a
new board member?
Do not be afraid to ask questions or get
involved right away. For the board to be
most effective, all members must participate
and bring ideas and solutions. Public safety
needs to be front of mind, and new ideas
are always welcome. We should allow the
profession to practice at the top of their
license and be innovative, if it is being done
safely. Many states are dealing with similar
issues, so do not be afraid to look outside
your state for potential solutions. NABP is
a great resource for what is being done in
other states.
Have you served as a member
of any NABP task forces or
committees, or attended NABP or
district meetings?
I have served on several NABP task forces
and committees, including the Committee
on Law Enforcement/Legislation and the
Task Force on Mutual-Recognition
Licensure. Additionally, I have been to many
district and national meetings and have
truly enjoyed those experiences. All these
opportunities allowed me to hear about
practices in different states and bring back
ideas to our Board.


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