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California Proposes Rule Changes
Related to Reporting Drug Losses
The California State Board of Pharmacy is
proposing amendments to 16 California
Code Regulations 1715.6 to align the
Board's regulation with federal regulation by
providing clarity of controlled substance (CS)
losses that must be reported to the Board.
The proposal also permits other reporting
from the pharmacist-in-charge that is deemed
significant. The initial statement can be found
in the following link:
Colorado Insulin
Affordability Program
The Colorado State Board of Pharmacy
announced the passage of House Bill 211307,
which created the insulin affordability
program. The law establishes two programs:
1. an emergency availability program that
allows for people who have less than
seven days of insulin left to receive a
30-day supply for $35 one time in a
12-month period; and
2. a program that allows those who
pay more than $100 for insulin to
receive a 12-month supply for $50
per 30-day supply.
New Rules in Louisiana Impacting
Pharmacy Practice Take Effect
The Louisiana Board of Pharmacy completed
the rulemaking process for two regulatory
projects with publication of the rule changes
in the November 20, 2021 edition of the
Louisiana Register, both with immediate
effective dates.
* Regulatory Project 2020-10 - CDS
License for Hemp Facility amended the
Board's rules for controlled dangerous
substances (CDS) licenses by adding
a hemp facility as a type of laboratory
eligible to apply for a CDS license.
Hemp facilities need to test their hemp
crop materials to ensure that they
contain less than the maximum amount
of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) legally
permissible. If the THC level exceeds
the maximum amount permissible, it is
no longer considered hemp and instead
is deemed marijuana, a CS listed in
Schedule I of both federal and state
12 | MAY 2022
lists of CS; the hemp facility must then
follow prescribed procedures for the
destruction of such materials.
* Regulatory Project 2021-1 -
Pharmacists, Pharmacies, and
Prescriptions amended several
chapters of the Board's rules. The
amendments impact the administration
of medication, prescription department
requirements, pharmacy operations,
telepharmacy, and more. Summaries
of the rule changes are available in the
Board's January 2022 Newsletter.
Nevada Mandates Electronic
Prescribing for Controlled
As of January 1, 2022, all CS prescriptions in
Nevada must be transmitted to a pharmacy
by e-prescribing. Some exceptions to this
rule are outlined in the Nevada State Board
of Pharmacy's January 2022 Newsletter.
Pharmacists are not required to verify or
may not require a practitioner to verify that
a CS prescription submitted by a method
other than e-prescribing meets one of the
exceptions outlined in the newsletter.
A practitioner must utilize an approved
e-prescribing software system to transmit
CS prescriptions to a pharmacy. More
information is available in Nevada Revised
Statutes 639.23535.
More information can be found in the
Board's January Newsletter.
North Carolina Board Proposes
New Rules Related to Remote
Work, Pharmacist-Manager
Education, and Pharmacy Interns
The North Carolina Board of Pharmacy has
published for notice and comment a new
rule and several amendments to existing
rules, including those related to:
* remote work by pharmacy personnel;
* pharmacist-manager education and
new permit process; and
* pharmacy interns.
More information can be found in the
Board's January Newsletter.
Most articles published in State Board News are selected
from the newsletters of state boards that participate in
the NABP State Newsletter Program. Issues are posted on
the NABP website on each participating state's page.


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