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First Four Bulk Drug Substances
Added to 503B Bulks List
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has
added the first four bulk drug substances
to the 503B Bulks List in an effort to
provide Americans access to compounded
medicines when they cannot be met
by an FDA-approved drug. The first
four added drug substances for topical
use that may be used for compounding
by outsourcing facilities include:
* diphenylcyclopropenone
* glycolic acid
* squaric acid dibutyl ester
* trichloroacetic acid
New Guide Helps Pharmacists
Navigate Social Determinants
of Health
In an effort to help pharmacists navigate
certain social determinants of health
(SDOH) that patients may face, the
Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) created
a resource guide that outlines real-world
services that address these issues affecting
patients' abilities to access or manage their
medications. Examples of SDOH affecting
patients during pharmacy encounters may
include cost of medications; cultural or
literacy barriers; decent, safe, and affordable
housing; food security; screening for unmet
needs; social isolation; and transportation.
The PQA guide includes information that
pharmacists can employ in their practices
to address SDOH, including SDOH
screenings and social services referrals.
New York City to Install Public
Health Vending Machines With
Naloxone, Other Supplies to
Combat Opioid Epidemic
In a new step toward protecting the
lives of those struggling with opioid
use disorder (OUD), New York City is
establishing a program that will install
public health vending machines (PHVMs)
throughout the city to aid drug users
disproportionately impacted by overdoses.
In 2020, the New York City Department
of Health and Mental Hygiene reported
2,062 individuals died from unintentional
overdoses. The PHVMs will be in 10
different spots across New York City and
will dispense:
* sterile syringes;
* naloxone; and
* other health supplies to fight overdoses.
More information can be found by
for Prescribers - Risks of
Dental Problems Associated With
FDA is warning prescribers about dental
problems connected to buprenorphine
medicines dissolved in the mouth to treat
OUD and pain. Some dental problems
reported in patients include:
* tooth decay;
* development of cavities;
* infections; and
* erosion in teeth.
FDA noted it is taking several measures to
protect the public health, including requiring
that a new warning about the risk of dental
problems be added to the prescribing
information and the patient Medication
Guide for all buprenorphine-containing
medicines that are dissolved in the mouth.
Study Shows Patients Are Putting a
High Level of Trust in Pharmacists
for Care Management
More patients are trusting their pharmacists
to play a larger role in patient care
management. New research from Columbia
University Mailman School of Public Health
in New York City and Express Scripts
Pharmacy found that patients had a high
to moderate level of trust in pharmacists
to complete most care management
activities, including prescribing medications
(40.5% high trust, 32.4% moderate trust),
conducting health and wellness screenings
(37.5% high trust, 42.1% moderate trust),
and providing disease-specific counseling
(33.1% high trust, 44% moderate trust).
In addition, more than 79% of patients
and 55% of providers found pharmacists
to be a reliable source for general health
information beyond general medication
questions. In the most recent Gallup poll,
pharmacists ranked as the fourth most
honest and ethical profession.
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