Innovations-Magazine-May-2022 - 2

01 Letter From the Chairperson
02 Policy Perspectives
User Fees Present Rare Must-Pass
Bill This Congress
04 Interview With a Board Inspector
Emily Buss
07 118th
Annual Meeting
See You Soon in Phoenix for the
NABP Annual Meeting!
10 Interview With a Board Member
Tony King, PharmD, RPh
State Board News
California Proposes Rule Changes
Related to Reporting Drug Losses
Professional Affairs Update
First Four Bulk Drug Substances
Added to 503B Bulks List
Association News
(Digital Only)
Register for the Sterile
Compounding Inspector
Training on July 11-15
Feature News
NABP DSCSA Pilot Tests
Communication Along Supply
Chain Ahead of 2023 Deadline
Association News
NABP's Consumer Campaign
Continues to Educate Patients About
Buying Medication Safely Online
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Member, District 6
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Member, District 7
Kamlesh " Kam "
Member, District 8
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