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NABP to Sunset PCOA, Launch NAPLEX Advantage
June 2023 will see the last administrations
of the Pharmacy Curriculum Outcomes
Assessment® (PCOA®) by schools and
colleges of pharmacy as NABP prepares to
sunset this program.
The Association stopped accepting new
registrations from the schools in spring 2023
so that final PCOA administrations could be
conducted and completed by the end of the
2023 academic year. During this time, schools
and colleges of pharmacy will continue to
find details about test day troubleshooting,
rescheduling, and information regarding
PCOA score reports in the Examinations
section of NABP's website.
NAPLEX Advantage Beneficial
to Students, Schools
Instead of PCOA, which was intended to
help schools evaluate curriculum and meet
the prior Accreditation Council for Pharmacy
Education requirement, schools have expressed
an interest in a different kind of assessment
tool. Specifically, several schools and colleges
of pharmacy expressed a need for a tool by
which to assess the preparedness of their
students for the North American Pharmacist
Licensure Examination® (NAPLEX®). NABP
already offered a volume discount for schools
to purchase vouchers for students to take the
pre-NAPLEX practice exam. Now, NABP will
be launching an expansion of this service called
NAPLEX Advantage. Available to schools
and colleges of pharmacy later this year, the
NAPLEX Advantage will offer:
* event-based school testing that will be
administered by the schools and colleges
of pharmacy, giving them more flexibility
and control over the process;
* practice exam experience that simulates
the exam experience of the NAPLEX;
* inclusion of previously operational
questions that have been retired from
past NAPLEX versions; and
You Are Invited to Support the 119th
* questions that cover the same competency
areas as the NAPLEX.
In addition, the NAPLEX Advantage
will provide a performance report for
each student, including a scaled score and
indicating how they performed in each
of the competency areas, with the aim of
helping students plan their exam preparation.
Schools and colleges of pharmacy will receive
an aggregate performance report with all
students' scores as well as individual students'
reports, enabling them to see if remedial
training is needed for certain students.
The cost to schools for the NAPLEX
Advantage will be $125 per student, with
volume discounts offered.
More details about NAPLEX
Advantage will be provided in future
NABP communications.
NABP Annual
Meeting Charity - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
for the favorite charity of the board
of pharmacy in the state where the
Annual Meeting is being held. As this
year's host state, the Tennessee Board of
Pharmacy chose St. Jude.
Founded in Memphis, TN, by
St. Jude patient, Lucas, with his father
You are invited to make a difference
in a child's life and support St. Jude
Children's Hospital, the charity for this
year's Annual Meeting!
In recognition of our shared
mission of protecting public health,
each year, NABP holds a fundraiser
entertainer Danny Thomas, St. Jude's
mission is to advance cures and
means of prevention for pediatric
catastrophic diseases through research
and treatment. The pediatric treatment
and research facility has helped push
the overall childhood cancer survival
rate from 20% to 80% since opening
its doors, but its goal is to eventually
get to 100%. On top of that, families
never receive a bill from St. Jude for
treatment, travel, housing, or food,
so they may focus on their child's
recovery. We are thrilled to offer our
members the opportunity to join
efforts in fundraising activities to aid
in their care.
Whether you are able to attend the
Annual Meeting or not, please consider
donating to St. Jude and its efforts in
treating and defeating cancer, along
with other life-threatening diseases.
Please scan this QR code to link to the
donation page.
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