2024JanFeb-CoolingJournal - 10

Nathan Ingrao
TitanX Engine Cooling Aftermarket Sales Development
Jamestown, New York
2023 has been a year of change for the Aftermarket at TitanX.
Ed Moore, a 50-year employee; retired and taking over for Ed
has been extremely impactful on me. I have learned so much
from Ed over the years and wish him the best in a well-deserved
Since starting to attend NARSA events in 2022 and as a new board
member in 2023, I have been able to continue to build on existing
relationships in ways that likely weren't possible otherwise as
well as enabling me to begin new relationships. The networking
opportunities have been great!
I have a handful of improvements planned for 2024 including
adding to the Aftermarket staff and implementing new programs/
software - all with the goal of improving our customer service
and on-time delivery. With these improvements in place, I plan to
Brian P. Cahill
DRC Heat Transfer (previously Diesel Radiator Co.)
President & CEO
Melrose Park, Illinois
We had a number of projects and programs focused on labor
efficiency. One of the programs was called Labor Efficiency
Incentive (LEI). This program provides our employees with a
monthly target on units shipped and planned hours worked based
on our backlog. If the team met the criteria, DRC HEAT TRANSFER
would provide a monthly financial incentive.
We have learned from running EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating
System) that the more we share with employees about the
direction and health of the company the better we do as a team.
Having open and honest conversation along with clear defined
quarter and annual targets has made DRC HEAT TRANSFER a
better company. Of course, meeting new people through NARSA
has opened opportunities to take on new business incentives
and opportunities.
We have several new equipment lines that we will be installing
to support our growth. We will also look forward to hosting the
NARSA Heavy Duty conference in June 2024.
I will be turning 50 this month and looking forward to celebrating
with my parents, siblings, and their spouses in Charleston,
South Carolina.
take TitanX Aftermarket to the " Next Level. " 2024 will be a year of
growth: growing relationships, sales, and growing in my role as a
NARSA board member.
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