2024JanFeb-CoolingJournal - 11

Steve Hoke
Diesel Emissions Service CEO
Redding, California
We learned in May that our son had been
diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He
completed Chemo in December and looks
to be on track for a full recovery, thanks to
the man above. This event brought us as a
family so much closer and taught us how
precious family time is. We cannot take for
granted what we have today. As sad as it
sounds, we never know how much time any
of us have. Thank you to all our customers/
friends that had checked in on his progress
along the way, it means the world to us
and him.
As far as lessons learned in 2023, time
moves on no matter what we do, so time
management is now a priority for me.
The relationships with fellow companies
that are NARSA / IDEA members is great
and we are always trying to add more like
minded companies to the group.
Looking ahead, we are in the process of
relocating our Corporate HQ a mile down
the road to a new larger complex with
expanded room for our manufacturing
division. My wife and I are also planning
several trips across the country in our
motorcoach this year trying to visit at least
20 more National Parks.
Hope Thompson
Northern Radiator President/CEO
Willmar, Minnesota
Professionally, the biggest impact to
our company has been the retirement of
7 people with a combined 200 years of
service to our company! While it is tough
to see such great people move on to that
next adventure called retirement, we are
grateful for the role they all played in the
success of our company, and we have been
fortunate to find great people to step into
the large shoes they left to fill. Personally,
it was the expansion of our family. We were
welcomed into the greatest club of all time,
the Grandparents Club, in early October
with the birth of our first grandchild to our
oldest son and his wife.
When it comes to lessons learned, it's ok to
strike out on occasion. Because the next at
bat, might provide just what you needed.
We struck out on some hires this year, but
subsequent hires have been absolute great
additions to Team Northern!
Joining the board this year has been
wonderful. Having the opportunity to
network with my fellow heat-transfer peers
at the International Tour in the Middle East,
at the Spring Conference in Rochester,
New York, as well as at the AAPEX Show
and Member Appreciation Reception
was fantastic. The tips, education, and
most importantly friendships gained
are irreplaceable.
In 2024, Northern will be celebrating 10
years of being 100% Employee Owned.
Our employees are our greatest asset, and
we cannot wait to celebrate with all our
employee-owners throughout the year.
We are also looking forward to continuing
our great connections with our customers.
We appreciate the relationships that turn
into friendships and partnerships. We are
also looking forward to the implementation
of a warehouse management system,
initially at our headquarters in Willmar,
then eventually at our larger DCs in Dallas,
Visalia, and York.
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