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Thomas Hart
Don Hart's Radiator COO
Waller, Texas
In 2023, we solidified our decision to build
more parts in-house when everyone ran
into supply chain issues. This really began
in 2022, but the process lasted all through
2023. Through our previous connections
with NARSA and new ones made this year,
we have been able to take advice from
others and not stumble as much starting
up our new endeavor. As small as it may
seem, this was huge to hit the ground
running and not take months developing
or implementing new movements within
our organization.
The year 2021 was an absolute fiasco; and it
has probably still been the biggest impact
on our business even through this last year.
We have adapted so much in the last two
Scot Johnson
American Radiator General Manager
Des Moines, Iowa
The beginning of my youngest son's senior
year in high school had a significant impact
on me. Even though I'm not looking forward
to being an empty nester, I'm excited about
the future opportunities for our family.
One of the things I will cherish the most
from 2023 is a day when my two sons and
I worked together at our location with my
father. It was a memorable moment to have
three generations working together.
My biggest takeaway from 2023 is that
I need to be better at appreciating the
present moment. It is easy for me to
keep looking ahead to what is next, both
personally and professionally. Planning
is critical to what we all do but it is easy
for me to miss all the little things that
happen daily.
years to shift how we operate which has
sparked our need to be in a " niche " market.
Over the past few years, it's been hard
to organize a family trip for all of us (the
We have several objectives that will
help our growth strategy for 2024. The
part I'm most excited about is giving
current employees new opportunities
within the company. Providing people
with an environment that challenges
them and utilizes their skills is extremely
important to me.
I always look forward to spending time on
a beach with our family a couple of times
each year. This year I am also leading a
small group for our church. For several
years, I've worked with middle school
and high school athletes but now I'll be
working with young adults and families as
we grow in our faith. It is an opportunity
I wasn't anticipating but am extremely
excited about.
When it comes to NARSA/IDEA, there
are several members and board members
that I communicate with regularly. These
parents, siblings, and youngsters to take
a trip). We couldn't all be off at the same
time and leave the business high and dry.
Well, this year we've convinced the bosses
to take a few extra days and really enjoy the
time away with all the grandkids together.
This isn't going to be a typical weekend
getaway to Galveston beach with 100
degrees of scorching sun and no wind, but
a very nice and comfortable beach with
excellent fishing and other activities.
This is only possible because of the great
crew we have and the trust we've built over
the years. Sure it may be a little stressful at
first, but this company has grown and can
finally operate on its own, even if only for a
short time, with all the work Don has put in
to get to this point. So on a personal family
highlight the Hart family will actually get to
have a vacation together as a group.
connections are extremely important to
me. I have developed many friendships
by being involved in NARSA/IDEA and
these people have helped me grow
professionally as well as personally. If it
were not for NARSA/IDEA I do not feel I
would have had the good fortune to get to
know these individuals as well as I do.
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