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American Radworx is located in
Vinemont, Alabama about halfway
between Birmingham and Huntsville. On
the distribution side, it offers replacement
cooling and emission parts, including
radiators, Charge Air Coolers, A/C parts,
fans, DPFs, DOCs, and more. On the
service side, the business offers cleaning,
repair, recore, and replacements for
almost any type of heat exchanger. It also
offers delivery within a 150 mile radius,
shipping to anywhere, and in-house and
on-site repair/rebuild service anywhere in
the Continental US.
American Radworx's history spans more
than 70 years. Jack Lemons started the
company in 1952. Then, David Lemons
operated the business from 1976 until
2001 when Kevin took over.
" The work was hard, but I enjoyed it and
made a decent living, " said Lemons. With
the eventual hiring of his brother-in-law
Seth Copeland (current manager of
Industrial Radiator in Dallas, Texas), who
proved to be a quick study, Lemons was
able to grow the business. In 2011, Lemons
went back to college and received his
Bachelor's degree in Enterprise Systems
Management from Athens State University
in Alabama. He was then offered a job at
United Launch Alliance, but ultimately
turned it down.
" After a whole lot of thought and prayer, I
decided not to accept and told everyone
'I guess I'm just a radiator man,' " said
Lemons. " I wanted to take this business
my grandfather had started and turn it
into something bigger. "
To gain sales and distribution experience,
Lemons started working at LKQ in 2012
where he met Phillip Wright, now the
American Radworx Vice President of
Sales. " My career in the radiator industry
started in 2011 at LKQ, and it was purely
coincidence that I even landed a job there
as I had just lost a job as a production
manager for another company and
needed work fast, " said Wright. " I went to
a local temp agency and told them to put
me wherever they had open, and I could
start right away. I didn't care what the
work was as long as I had a job. "
With that, Wright started in Heavy Duty
sales. He then went from temp worker to
supervisor. Then, as he was being trained
for warehouse manager, the guys in HD
cooling sales saw him as a good fit for their
team. " I had to learn fast as some of my
coworkers were leaving or thinking about
leaving. I quickly gained a lot of knowledge
and love for the industry. I was building a
career that I never dreamed I'd be in. "
" With Vic McCliment, Mike Sifuentes and
Phillip Wright, we grew the HD cooling
program rapidly while Seth handled the
day-to-day of the shop, " said Lemons.
Then in 2015, Lemons bought Fleet
Air Technologies, an Aluminum Heat
Exchanger Repair and Rebuild company.
A month later, he launched American
Radworx as a distribution business and
eventually pulled all 3 businesses under
the American Radworx LLC umbrella.
In 2019, Mike Sifuentes joined American
Radworx as the Vice President
of Operations.
" My career in the radiator industry
actually started in 2009 with the radiator
core manufacturer, Heatex, " said
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