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of Emission & Cooling Solutions, some
years ago gave me valuable philosophical
advice on business and filled my head full
of ideas. Billy Tyrrell from Serck Services
has turned into a good friend. He is a man
who knows how to get things done.
Phillip Cochran, his daughter Melissa
Mayo, and Chris Culp with CG&J / US
Radiator in Gadsden, Alabama are
outstanding people that are among my
friends. We appreciate them and the great
job they do, particularly of using their
manufacturing capabilities to help us
with a lot of odd and sometimes difficult
service jobs. David Beinvenu has helped
us so much with advice on servicing
Tube & Shell Bundles and Plate & Frame
Heat Exchangers. He is always willing to
help with his tremendous knowledge. He
is just a great man and an ambassador
for NARSA and the industry as a whole.
Others include Jimmy Ewing at Motor
Mission Machine & Radiator, Randolph
Scott of Russell Radiator, the late Vic
McCliment, the Late Roy Young and his
daughter Tiffany Rogers of Augusta Road
Radiator. These are all people who have
made a difference. "
Ultimately, Lemons says he knows the
right people are needed to make a
company succeed. " I would like to give
a shout out to the three others who
have been here with me at American
Radworx since the start, " said Lemons.
" My friend and our VP of Sales, Phillip
Wright, believed in the idea of American
Radworx when it was probably ridiculous
to do so, and took a big chance joining the
company on Day 1. Also Julie Anders and
Daven James who were crazy enough to
stick it out after the Fleet Air acquisition.
We had some lean times in the early
years but we weathered the storm. I
am truly grateful for them and for all of
my people. "
January/February 2024 | THE COOLING JOURNAL | 17
" We have come a long way since 2015, "
said Wright. " It's an exciting industry to
be a part of, the learning never stops, and
I have met some amazing people along
the way. I look forward to seeing what the
future holds. "
" No two days are ever the same, " said
Sifuentes. " I love being a part of such a
niche industry where you can lean on
other professionals within the industry
for help on things such as service ideas,
sourcing tips, new business opportunities,
etc. The radiator industry was never a part
of my planned career path, but I've been
blessed to go down this road with some
great people. "
" As a company, our 'why' is to keep trucks
and equipment running, " said Lemons.
" When we rush an oil cooler recore job
that has a plant shut down, or repair a
tractor radiator so the farmer can get
to his crop, or deliver a truck driver a
radiator so he can finish his haul, or
rebuild a hospital genset cooling package
on-site to secure their backup power.
Those things make you realize we are part
of something much bigger than just the
radiator world. We are doing our part to
keep this country running, to help people
put food on their table, to get home to
their families, and possibly even saving
lives. I love this industry because of the
place it holds in the big picture, even if
most people don't ever realize it. "


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